Dagenham Plastic Facility (PF)

Veolia's state of the art milk bottle recycling facility
Dagenham Recycling Facility

Central to our UK operations is our cutting-edge plastic recycling facility in Dagenham, where advanced technology and innovation transform plastic waste into high-quality recycled materials. This facility stands as a testament to our local investment and dedication to driving change within the UK’s recycling landscape.

Dagenham PRF: Our Dedicated Milk Bottle Recycling Facility

At Dagenham, a remarkable journey begins for plastic milk bottles collected from London and various parts of the UK. Upon arrival, these bottles undergo sorting, shredding and washing, culminating in their transformation into high-quality food-grade HDPE pellets. These recycled plastic pellets are then turned into new milk bottles and other food-grade products, closing the loop and reducing environmental impact.

Within just two weeks, the entire milk bottle recycling process from bottle collection to pellet production is completed, ensuring a swift and seamless transition towards sustainability.

Worker recycling plastics

Did You Know?

Each year, Dagenham receives approximately 300 million post-consumer milk bottles. Recycling HDPE enables 75% energy savings compared to the production of virgin materials, demonstrating the significant impact in recycling efforts and the circular economy.

We also host a Veolia Plastics Wonder Day. Find out more here.


About Our Location

Annual Capacity = 16,000 tonnes

Material stream: HDPE Plastics

16 Choats Road

Dagenham RM9 6LF

United Kingdom

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