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Working with food and beverage
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of improving sustainability

More stringent regulations, coupled with increased pressure from consumers to 'do the right thing,' are forcing the food and beverage indsutry to find new ways of both reducing negative environmental and social impacts while improving returns.



Achieving big savings

Heavily reliant on EU markets for export, the UK's food and beverage manufacturers are under pressure to deliver more and more competitive pricing. Helping our customers to save money on their energy and water bills by implementing the latest innovative technology and solutions remains a top priority.


Delivering energy performance and carbon efficiency

Our customers are looking for the most efficient solutions to help them reduce their carbon footprint, enabling them to optimise operations over the long term.


Unlocking the value within energy management processes 

We work with the sector to guarantee the security of energy and water supply, optimise maintenance regimes and reduce process water usage by up to 10% and unlocking the value within process waste and wastewater for reuse or sale.

Unlocking the value within processes
We deliver cost and carbon savings of up to 20% for each food and beverage facility we work with, boosting productivity by up to 12%.

Energy solutions: finding the perfect blend

It can be difficult to get the balance of all the different factors you need to consider. This is where a blended energy solution could be the answer.

Unlocking the value in your waste

Have you ever considered the opportunities in your waste? There is often untapped value in food and beverage manufacturers' waste and by-products.

Make sure your packaging is the full package

As regulations and consumer attitudes are changing, now is the time to assess whether your business can modify its packaging.

The Carbon Emissions Tax

The upcoming Carbon Emissions Tax could see businesses charged around £16 per tonne of carbon that exceeds a set annual allowance. Are you prepared?

Ensuring your wastewater treatment is compliant

Water is one of the most essential resources for the food and beverage manufacturing industry, used as part of the production process as well as for cleaning and sanitation.

The future of food and beverage manufacturing

For the food and beverage manufacturing sector there are lots of question marks over the future. What are the big trends heading for the sector that we should be preparing for now?

Generating your own energy

Has your business considered generating its own energy? For food and beverage manufacturers, it could be a cost-effective way to become more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

It's time to think about water

Improving water efficiency and quality may not be something your business has considered recently, but with legal standards tightening and water scarcity increasingly becoming an issue, it's something you need to think about.

Outsourcing on-site services

Manufacturers need reliability, compliance and cost-effectiveness from all on-site services, but have to ensure they maintain productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing non-core services could be the key to removing this stress.

Projects with payback

Protecting your bottom line and seeing a fast return on investment are the key drivers for decision-makers. But how can cost-effectiveness be combined with choosing the right solutions for your business, and the environment?

Close the loop and improve efficiency

Creating a circular economy within your business should be a priority, as it can cut costs and improve your sustainability credentials. As part of your journey to get there, you need to minimise waste and improve overall site efficiency.

How to obtain funding for sustainability projects

Food and beverage manufacturers are being urged to play their part in reducing carbon emissions, it can be difficult to know where to turn to obtain the necessary funding.

It pays to prepare for Net Zero

The UK's legal Net Zero target is 2050. Food and beverage manufacturers need to start thinking now about how they can prepare.

Considering waste, energy AND water to meet sustainability targets

When thinking about meeting your business' sustainability targets, it's important to consider the three key elements of waste, energy and water as one integrated strategy.

Tim Duret discusses Veolia's latest project on the Dairy Dialogue Podcast

Tim Duret, the Director of Sustainable Technology at Veolia, featured on the latest episode of The Dairy Dialogue Podcast by the Dairy Reporter.

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Explore our Case Studies regarding circular economy across the UK

By inspiring partnership across the UK, Veolia is now at the forefront of innovation and delivering the circular economy.

Our shop window, and the real demonstration of what we can achieve, lies in the results we deliver to our customers, and how we help them to become more resource-efficient, more sustainable and save money.

These case studies are great examples of how we help our customers take the lead and show how we can cut emissions to help mitigate climate change and preserve precious resources for future generations.