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Serving up big savings to create greener food and beverage companies

Working with food and beverage to find
innovative ways of improving sustainability

More stringent regulations, coupled with increased pressure from consumers to 'do the right thing,' are forcing our food and beverage customers to find new ways of both reducing negative environmental and social impacts while improving returns.

Achieving big savings

Heavily reliant on EU markets for export, the UK's food and beverage manufacturers are under pressure to deliver more and more competitive pricing. Helping our customers to save money on their energy and water bills by introducing and implementing the latest innovative technology and solutions remains a number one priority.

Delivering carbon efficiency

Under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, our customers are looking for the most efficient solutions that can optimise operations over the long term.

Unlocking the value within processes

We work with the sector to guarantee security of energy and water supply, optimise maintenance regimes and reduce process water usage by up to 10%. Customers can also unlock the value within process waste and wastewater for reuse or sale, delivering cost and carbon savings of up to 20% each and enhancing productivity by up to 12%.

We deliver cost and carbon savings of up to 20% for each facility we work with, boosting productivity by up to 12%

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Food & beverage

For Tilmanstone Salads, we have worked to reduce the consumption of local potable water, enough to supply 5,000 homes