Making sure your wastewater treatment remains compliant


Water is one of the most essential resources for the food and beverage manufacturing industry, used as part of the production process as well as for cleaning and sanitation.

We know that different manufacturers have different requirements, with some putting water through an intense treatment process before use and others just filtering water to remove contaminants before using it as part of production. But all manufacturers produce wastewater that has to be discharged either directly to sewer or via an effluent or wastewater treatment plant.

Keeping up to date

Nationwide changes to water discharge regulations are quite rare, and the water authorities are generally accommodating when it comes to what can be disposed of down your drains. However, nationwide changes can sometimes arise, due to things like the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) or BREF.

Changes can also occur on a local basis - for example when sewage treatment plants come under capacity pressure due to increasing residential or commercial developments, or to address specific local environmental challenges. You need to ensure that your business is able to address these changes, remaining compliant with any new restrictions on your wastewater that may come into force as a result.

Of course, there are various other drivers for ensuring your business maximises the efficient use of water and effective treatment of wastewater, such as the cost of operation or ever more importantly, sustainability goals.

Delivering the highest quality water and wastewater treatment

A treatment process that works for you

As well as avoiding penalties for not meeting regulations relating to wastewater treatment, it's important to be compliant from a sustainability perspective. You need to make sure that the treatment solution you have in place meets both of these criteria, as well as working efficiently and profitably to meet your business's needs.

Veolia can support you to upgrade your wastewater treatment solutions, and help you to make any changes to ensure that you remain compliant with any variations in legislation, for example by reducing the phosphate content in your effluent. We can develop solutions bespoke to your business, to ensure that you have a water treatment system in place which meets your needs and ensures you remain compliant.


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