Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water & Wastewater treatment to help your business meet its sustainability targets
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Improve efficiency and lower costs with
our Water & Wastewater Treatment service

Delivering the highest quality drinking water and the most advanced wastewater treatment solutions are the most important activities of all water companies. We work with water companies, as well as commercial customers and property developers, to help you deliver the water and wastewater solutions your customers expect.

How we can help?

Meeting the most demanding reliability and quality requirements is a constant challenge when treating water or wastewater and our solutions help you do just that.

We can provide you with tailor made water management systems focusing on technical performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements and long-term cost effectiveness.

As a world leader in water treatment and reuse we can work with your teams to design, build, operate and maintain everything from small decentralised water systems up to large recycling or treatment plants. Our innovative technologies and water solutions are as suited for sustainable cities as they are for rural or remote communities.

Drinking water

Delivering potable water that is safe and reliable is a key function of water companies. And this has to be achieved while minimising costs and compiling with strict regulatory standards. To help achieve this, you can draw from our ongoing global investment in research into water treatment solutions as well as decades of practical operations and maintenance experience at thousands of facilities around the world.



Water companies need to deal with the daily challenges of all aspects of wastewater treatment while protecting the local environment. Each and every day we help water companies deal the most difficult compliance and treatment challenges.

By using advanced technologies and many years of hands-on experience we help you to ensure efficient, compliant and cost-effective quality operations.

How do we create value for you?

By producing high quality drinking water in accordance with latest legislative requirements and treating wastewater to environmental guidelines we help you to meeting your operation, reulatory and environmental targets

Cost reductions and efficiencies delivered through carefully planned ongoing and preventative maintenance and asset optimisation help to achieve financial sustainability and reduce bills to customers 

Improved efficiency, lower costs and better sustainability