High Airflow Vacuum Materials Handling

Veolia waste collection tanker

Simplify vessel, pit, tank and silo maintenance with High Airflow Vacuum Materials Handling

Maintaining vessels, pits, tanks and silos clean and free from debris is a complex operation. Our high airflow vacuum materials handling minimises any risks and maximises safety to ensure you achieve the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

How we can help

Our high airflow vacuum material handling tanker is built to full ADR specification and can operate in hazardous & non hazardous environments. The tanker is capable of lifting and handling solids, liquids, dry powders and filter media from a variety of situations including carbon filter vessels, pits, tanks and silos. It transports materials by moving large volumes of air through an inlet hose boom and deposits them in a debris tank via a cyclone.

Key benefits include:

  • Capable of moving 9,000m 3/h of airRoad engine with spark arrestor and Chalwyn valves
  • Hydraulic boom reducing manual handling requirements
  • Fully ADR compliant
  • Ability to use an online filtered bagging hopper
  • Helps meet stringent health, safety and environmental standards

How do we create value for you?

The high vacuum machinery has an in-built submicron filtration system to remove airborne particles and protect the environment from harmful substances. It also eliminates manual handling risks by using a hydraulic boom. And because the tanker can remove materials from depths of up to 45 meters and horizontally for more than 220 metres, you can eliminate the need for man entry, or reduce confined space entry into vessels and tanks.

Thanks to our specialised high airflow vacuum containers and bagging hopper system, any recovered materials can be temporarily stored on site, then removed using normal methods of transport. This enables us to continue clearing and recovering materials, reducing the time spent on site. It also means you can save on your disposal costs in terms of tonnage and transport logistics.

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