KDC Veolia Offshore Decommissioning

KDC Veolia Offshore Decommissioning Ninian Project

KDC Veolia offshore decommissioning services include decontamination, deconstruction, waste management and environmental services together with associated logistics.

KDC Veolia offshore services give you access to highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, who facilitate the industry-leading decommissioning service that KDC Veolia delivers.

We have dedicated sites for offshore decommissioning waste that we operate across some of the most remote places in the UK.  We work with numerous industry partners, namely Peterson, to ensure all streams are received and disposed of in an efficient manner.

Offshore Decommissioning Facilities

Our Greenhead facility at Lerwick Harbour, in Scotland, has an unrivalled track record in reverse installation, barge offloading and subsea equipment, servicing the central and northern North Sea. Our newly developed deep-water Dales Voe decommissioning facility can accommodate the biggest heavy lift vessels and rigs, as well as having the flexibility to handle smaller operations.

Lerwick Greehead

Our Lerwick Greenhead Base offers excellent facilities for supporting offshore projects whether it is standard cargo supply works or the handling of large-scale projects.

The base has large modern sheltered concrete quaysides, built in 1997/98 with further extensions to those facilities in 2012/13, along with ample laydown and storage areas available for storage of project equipment and logistics support for offshore operations.  This site has road links to our Lerwick Dales Voe base, located on the west side of the headland and today, we offer the following services on our Shetland sites:

  • Onshore project management and project support.
  • Supply base operations
  • Materials control & manifesting
  • Open storage and warehousing
  • Cargo handling
  • Agency & shipping services
  • Industrial fuel and bunkering
  • Lifting and distribution services
  • Decommissioning & marine services
  • Provision of craneage & rigging services to Sullom Voe Terminal and Shetland Gas Plant.

The site consists of:

  • A concrete pad of approximately 20,000m2
  • Built in drains within the pad run to a Class 1 Full Retention Interceptor
  • 3800m2 Warehouse storage included within licensed area
  • Decommissioning Pad, which contains double bonded storage areas, quarantine areas and emergency stations.

Lerwick Dales Voe

Our Lerwick Dales Voe site is a deep-water quay which has a draft of -12.5m and has been constructed to 60Te/m2 with 800te/m for linkspan loads, making it capable of receiving Single Lift structures for decommissioning workscopes. 

The facility offers warehousing along with extensive laydowns and open storage areas, and the site is fenced to meet ISPS requirements and can be monitored 24/7 via CCTV. The location and layout of the facility makes it ideal as a dedicated area for project operations with its single point of access and dedicated quay.  In addition, the short distance to our Greenhead Base Decommissioning Facility is highly advantageous to accommodate multiple or large scale projects.


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