Safemix Equestrian Bedding

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Safemix Equestrian bedding produced by Arden Wood Shavings is popular with many horse owners, from recreational riders to international competitors across many disciplines.

A blend of specially selected wood shavings and shredded soft wood fibre, Safemix Equestrian is a high-quality, affordable bedding solution developed specifically for equestrian use. Soft and absorbent, Safemix is comfortable, clean, and remains drier for longer, while staying in place well for a safe footing. Advanced manufacturing techniques that include two rigorous dust-extraction processes as well as powerful sanitisation, produce an ultra-clean and hygienic form of bedding.

Many leading equestrians are now turning to Safemix for a readily available, cost-effective bedding that delivers all-round high-performance while being kind to the environment too.

It has been the official bedding used at Horse of the Year Show for multiple years, most recently in 2021, and is the choice of leading riders, including international showjumper, Robert Smith.

Comfort, hygiene and consistent quality are essential attributes for the bedding we use for our show jumpers. Creating a safe environment for our performance horses comes first and foremost, but in a busy yard it is essential that bedding is practical for our grooms too. I am pleased to say that Safemix ticks all the boxes and it’s a product we have used for many years with great satisfaction. We are always impressed with the service we receive from Arden Wood Shavings and we would be the first to recommend it to other horse owners, whether competitors or recreational riders.
Robert Smith
International Show Jumper, Trainer & Breeder


  • Dust-extracted – supports respiratory health.
  • Soft and comfortable – encourages horses to relax.
  • Excellent absorption - stays drier for longer.
  • Reduces odours – keeping the stable fresher.
  • Ultra-clean, safe, and hygienic – sterile, bio-secure.
  • Stays in place well – reduces bare patches in the stable.
  • Easy to muck out and dispose of – smaller muck heaps, biodegradable.
  •  Best value for money – a little goes a long way.
  • Can be used with rubber stable mats – requiring even less bedding.
  • Readily available and delivered nationwide.

Safemix Equestrian – from Stockists & Delivered Nationwide

Arden can also now deliver Safemix in single pallets (30 bales) or more, directly to yards nationwide.

Please call our Sales team at Arden Wood Shavings to find out more about pallet deliveries.  Pallets are delivered with water-resistant stretch hoods for protective outdoor yard storage.

Safemix is also available from selected stockists nationwide.

Interested in becoming a Safemix stockist?

We welcome new stockists so please contact Arden for further details on how we can work together.

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