Biomass Energy Solutions

Biomass energy is a renewable energy source that could provide your business with many cost benefits and sustainability achievements.

Adopt Biomass Energy as a cost-efficient & environmentally friendly source of renewable energy

Biomass Energy delivers an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to meet your energy and heat demands? Our biomass boilers are an excellent option for applications such as production processes, community energy or district heating schemes.

Veolia Biomass Solutions

Biomass plants are proving to be an attractive alternative to fossil fuels in a wide range of applications. It can be derived from many sources including waste food, sustainable forests, agricultural residues, food industry by-products and recycled materials. All carbon-neutral fuel sources that can be combusted in a furnace that heats water to generate hot water or steam.  

Veolia converts recycled wood into biomass fuel as it is in plentiful supply and saves thousands of tonnes of wood from going to landfill. But we can also work with you to develop solutions for all sources of biomass including virgin wood, straw, industrial by-products, wastewater sludge and household waste.

Our biomass solutions can be used to: 

Power manufacturing and industrial facilities

  • Provide saturated steam or hot water for production
  • Satisfy the base load of a year-round heat demand

Create a sustainable district heating scheme for thousands of homes

  • Reduce high running costs and fuel poverty for lower-income groups
  • Guarantee the cheapest heat and electricity
  • No need to access homes for annual maintenance or breakdown repairs

Generate power from renewable sources

  • Meet environmental commitments
  • Secure Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) incentives depending on the technology used

Fuel Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants

  • Twice as efficient as conventional power stations as all the heat that is produced is used
  • Significantly lower carbon emissions
  • Biomass alternatives are a high-efficiency, carbon-neutral fuel

How do we create value for you by utilising Biomass Solutions?

Biomass is a financially and environmentally attractive source of energy and heat; which reduces greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In district heating schemes it also provides flat line budgeting with a monthly fee that is unaffected by seasonal spikes in demand caused by weather conditions.


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