Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV charging technologies to help your business meet its sustainability targets
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Intelligent EV charging technologies to help your business meet carbon reduction & clean air targets

Accelerate the move to an electric fleet! Our intelligent charging technologies will help you meet your carbon reduction and clean air targets - even if your site has significant restrictions in electrical capacity.

How Can We Help Your Business Make a Move to Electric Vehicles

If you have a large fleet of vehicles, moving away from diesel and petrol vehicles and deploying electric vehicles offers a number of benefits. But like many organisations, a lack of charging network, or restricted electrical supply, could be holding you back.

Our unique expertise in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point infrastructure, breaks down the barriers to electrification. Our proven charging technologies cover all types of vehicles - and even in locations where electrical capacity is significantly restricted.

Our EV experts will perform a detailed site survey to determine the civil works that will be required for your site installation. This factors the types of vehicles in your fleet, or that operate on your site, so we can install the most appropriate EV chargers. Once installed and commissioned, we’ll test your charging stations with your vehicles, to ensure everything is working correctly, before training your drivers on how to use them. 

Our EV Charging solutions:

  • Charge your vehicles on any site, regardless of operation
  • Charge any vehicle (cars, vans, RCVs, sweepers etc)
  • Track and report data from each vehicle and charger
  • Use renewable energy form an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), if available
  • Include radio-frequency identification (RFID)/fob lock for safety
  • Distribute power to enable intelligent charging of the entire fleet
  • Feature load-balancing software to prioritise charging – even if your entire fleet can’t be charged at the same time
  • Combine intelligent software with vehicle timetables so the lowest charge, fastest finish vehicles are charged first.


How does our EV technology create value for you?

Our fast-charging EV solutions are quick and seamless to install. They provide an innovative, data-driven solution that will enable you to electrify your entire fleet, accelerating your decarbonisation strategy and significantly improving air quality. At the same time, they will eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels, reducing operating costs and having a positive impact on your green credentials.


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