Making big cost and carbon savings for healthcare.
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Delivering ecological transformation solutions for healthcare clients

With deficit levels at their highest in NHS history, now more than ever hospitals must strike the right balance between managing costs and efficiencies while providing a high level of patient care. By continuously improving solutions for ecological transformation, additional resources can be identified and recovered for hospitals across the UK.

Finding efficiencies to plug the funding gap

The healthcare sector needs cost-effective, long-term solutions that can deliver efficiencies and optimise performance with transparent reporting to demonstrate the real value, in both financial and carbon terms.

Continuously adding value

We partner with healthcare customers to guarantee business continuity via a secure, quality supply of utilities and services. We continuously improve energy, water, and waste management, identifying and recovering additional resources for hospitals.

Creating the right solutions that benefit the bottom line

We specialise in helping hospitals run big, complex, and energy-hungry facilities. We help them to significantly reduce the cost of generating electricity and heat, as well as meeting ever more stringent carbon emissions reduction targets.

Utilise our expert guidance and increase your eligibility for securing Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS 3C) funding.


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Why waste segregation is key for sustainability

It's easy to think of all hospital waste as infectious, but improving segregation of waste can help trusts be more sustainable as well as reducing costs.

How can the healthcare sector embrace the circular economy?

Although hospitals must meet certain requirements in terms of hygiene and safety, it's still possible to adopt some aspects of a circular economy in the healthcare sector.

A partnership that prioritises patient care

Although cost savings, sustainability, and a multitude of other factors are important to hospitals, patient care rightly remains the top priority.

Have you considered getting hydrogen-ready?

Hydrogen is cropping up more and more in discussions about sustainable fuels. Forward-thinking NHS trusts may wish to start thinking now about utilising it in the future.

Overcoming funding barriers to make healthcare more sustainable

When it comes to making NHS trusts more sustainable, particularly with regards to energy, cost can be a deterrent - or at least, the perceived cost.

Taking care of FM to take the pressure off hospitals

For NHS trusts, choosing the right supplier for their FM services is key. To help trusts run smoothly, remove worries about the security of energy supply and support sustainability aims.

Going green: how to introduce more sustainable energy

Introducing more sustainable energy solutions is a crucial part of reducing your carbon footprint. It can also be more cost-effective.


Achieving Net Zero in the healthcare sector

With the NHS responsible for 25% of public sector emissions in England, the healthcare sector needs to act now to meet Net Zero targets.

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By inspiring partnerships across the UK, Veolia is now at the forefront of innovation and delivering the circular economy.

Our shop window, and the real demonstration of what we can achieve, lies in the results we deliver to our customers, and how we help them to become more resource-efficient, more sustainable, and save money.

These case studies are great examples of how we help our customers take the lead and show how we can cut emissions to help mitigate climate change and preserve precious resources for future generations.