Taking care of FM to take the pressure off hospitals

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For NHS trusts, choosing the right supplier for their FM services is key. The right FM partnership can help trusts run smoothly, remove worries about the security of energy supply and support their sustainability aims.

Meeting challenging demands

For hospitals, ensuring that services are running efficiently and that equipment is well-maintained are key priorities. When patients' lives and wellbeing are at stake, the security and stability of their surroundings are crucial, in order to minimise risk. Yet with tight budgets to adhere to, as well as other pressures in the form of both an aging population and aging workforce, looking after essential utilities and infrastructure can be another thing to worry about.

Looking after FM, so you can look after patients

Placing your confidence in one supplier makes life easier for you, as you can rest assured that a large number of services are being taken care of by FM professionals. Veolia's FM team offers a full range of core services such as cleaning, fabrics maintenance, and electrical engineering.
With around £5 billion of backlog maintenance in the NHS currently, we can help sites to carry out necessary improvements, as well as supporting them to modernise sites and make them more sustainable. With hospitals gradually moving towards a 'smart hospital' model, we can help you to give patients a better experience by creating more modern, user-friendly facilities.

Our Industrial Facilities Management service manages the risks and responsibilities of keeping your operations safe, compliant and productive.

However, we know that hospitals' requirements often go beyond the typical boundaries of what many would consider to be FM. Managing supplies of medical gas, installing ramps or fire doors, even installing hand sanitiser stations… These are all examples of the type of the extra to contract project work our FM team undertakes.

This agile approach ensures that hospitals are able to keep functioning efficiently, even in the face of unexpected circumstances - for example, during the pandemic we responded quickly to a hospital's urgent requirement for more oxygen. For hospitals under pressure to continuously provide high standards of customer care, knowing that equipment and critical assets are being maintained to the same high levels of compliance delivers much-needed peace of mind.


WATCH: Karl Dixon, Sector Lead for Facilities Management Business Development, Veolia UK, talks about FM in the healthcare sector.


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