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Commercial Dry Mixed Recycling

Boost your recycling performance with segregated Dry Mixed Recycling

Like most businesses, you probably generate a great deal of paper, cardboard, metal cans and plastic waste. We can collect, process and treat this waste stream to turn it back into useful and valuable resources.

How we can help

First, we will carry out a complete waste audit of your business. We will then be able to advise you on the right mix of recycling containers to have onsite. That could be in the office as internal recycling bins and containers, or outside as either waste containers or on-site balers and compactors.

Once you’re set up we will arrange a schedule to collect your clean commercial paper and card and dry mixed recycling, including packaging card, newspapers, drinks cans and single use plastic items such as water bottles, plastic bottles and other plastic items.

Helping you to recycle these basic materials is not only beneficial for you and the environment, it is also a simple and straightforward process to set up and maintain.

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How do we create value for you?

Our dry mixed recycling service will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, while boosting recycling performance and the amount of waste you divert from landfill. 

Separating your waste from everything else ultimately reduces the disposal cost of your other bins. What’s more, reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill reduces your overall costs associated with environmental compliance and landfill tax. Plastic recycling is a hot topic, and amongst other waste streams our domestic infrastructure is positioned to handle the waste collected from your business. 

What happens to your waste?

The paper and card we collect is turned into valuable new materials. Newspapers and magazines are used to make new newspapers. Mixed paper and card is used for making packaging material and cardboard is sent to a recycling mill to be made into new cardboard products.

Plastic is separated into different grades, which are reprocessed into pellets which can be recycled to create new plastic products. 


Find out more about how we can increase your recycling rates and help you to divert waste from landfill.

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