SnowGlobe - Specialist Energy Consultancy Services

Capital project delivery and ongoing asset optimisation for large industrial companies and small power producers

Our UK team, supported by global industry experts, is managing a growing portfolio of over 500MW on behalf of our clients. Our deep energy markets expertise, made possible by over 50 years of experience in the industry helps us bring value to each MW from a technology-neutral position.

We optimise third party assets in the market through trading and Balancing Services and provide regulation & compliance consultancy for large industrial companies and small power producers.

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How we can help?

Having operated a portfolio of complex energy assets, including flexible ones, we turned to our clients to share our knowledge in the energy markets, solution design, implementation and continuous improvement.

Using complex machine learning or sometimes simple math, we can optimise activities such as portfolio balancing, bill validation, forecasting, and monetisation via ancillary services.

Not being a supplier or an aggregator Snowglobe can remain impartial when offering consultancy or delivering turnkey projects.

How do we create value for you?

Optimising energy activities generate new revenues and frees up more time for operational staff to focus on performance. Our consulting and project management covers the areas below:

  • Energy Markets
    We can help with a critical review of your import and export contracts, ongoing trading and market position optimisation, and imbalance fee reduction.

  • Balancing Services
    We can generate savings and revenues for your site with access to Balancing Services. We are active participants in FFR, STOR, the Capacity Market, DTU and wholesale optimisation.

  • Capital Projects
    We hold a track record in delivering capital projects including Energy Storage, EV Charging Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency retrofit, Water Treatment optimisation and solar PV.

  • Regulation and Compliance
    In addition to providing regular market updates, we will help you navigate through the ever-changing regulatory landscape. This includes compliance with carbon schemes (SECR, EUETS), the MCPD, TCR and whatever comes next.


Find out more about some of the work we have undertaken, by viewing the projects below:

Market Optimisation

Snowglobe can reduce your imbalance fees by up to 100% using our proprietary forecasting and imbalance management tool, Power Position Tool.

Energy Storage

Snowglobe installed and operates one of UK's first of its kind: a 500kW energy storage asset at Veolia's Ellesmere Port Hazardous Waste Facility. With it, Snowglobe is able to reduce the site's costs from Triad, DUoS, wholesale and the Capacity Market Levy, and to provide revenue from Fast Frequency Response. Snowglobe is uniquely placed to deliver feasibility studies for energy storage projects.

Electric Vehicles

Snowglobe installed the charging infrastructure for a central London authority, designing the charge management system for various vehicle types and managing local network constraints.

Power Purchase Agreements

Snowglobe has provided independent consultancy to medium and large energy generation plants for PPA set-up, ongoing market optimisation, including imbalance fee reduction.

Water Pumping and Treatment

Snowglobe has implemented flexibility at water treatment sites, providing savings from Triad avoidance and revenue from Fast Frequency Response and the Capacity Market.