Water & Wastewater Plant Optimisation

A robust plan in place to reduce operational costs and plan for future upgrades
Water treatment optimisation

Reduce operational costs with our
Water and Wastewater Optimisation Service

Our water optimisation services will ensure you have a robust plan in place to reduce operational costs of your water and wastewater plans and plan for future upgrades.

How we can help?

Veolia has a proven track record in managing every aspect of water and wastewater operations and maintenance. We can optimise your assets and processes to improve their current performance and extend their lifetime by planning for new upgrades, improving asset management, introducing process engineering programmes and reducing leakage.

Our three-stage process is supported by our own monitoring technologies:



We use all available data to target our optimisation efforts so that you can clearly identify the proposed and actual savings from your asset optimisation programme.


Once the plan has been agreed we will implement it. Regular reporting and updates will keep you fully up to date on all activity, progress and savings.


Once the optimisation work has been delivered we will work with you to sustain the improvements in performance. In addition to ongoing operation,maintenance and monitoring, we can also provide training, consultancy services and best-practice guidelines.


How do we create value for you?

Veolia’s systematic approach to optimising the operation and maintenance of  water and wastewater processes and assets ensures you benefit from the lowest unit costs. With regular updates you’ll have a thorough understanding of your water assets, and a robust operation and management plan to improve their longevity. Furthermore, by improving efficiencies you will also reduce the cost of non-revenue from leakage to save even more in operation costs. 

“We have now entered the Sustain phase of our work with Dwr Cymru at Broomy Hill where we will sustain the savings delivered for the next 4 years.”
Mark Wilson, Director - Northern Region, Veolia 

Business case
Delivering efficiency savings in water, energy and chemical use.