Agrisorb Sawdust

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Agrisorb is the most popular brand of sawdust for British dairy farmers.

Used primarily in cow cubicles, Agrisorb is kiln-dried which makes it extremely absorbent and more cost-effective. Very little is needed to keep animals warm and dry.


Agrisorb sawdust is ideal for use with mats and slurry systems. Its graded consistent particle size means it stays in place on the mat without causing dust clouds and it won’t cause system blockages.


  • Kiln-dried – Soft and super-absorbent
  • Two grades – Agrisorb or Economy Sawdust
  • Ideal for use with cow mats – Stays in place well
  • Quality assured – Consistent particle size
  • Suitable for slurry systems – Kind to pumps
  • More economical – A little goes a long way
  • Supplied to farms nationwide

Agrisorb Bales Delivered Nationwide

Agrisorb is supplied in convenient polythene-wrapped bales. Stacked on pallets of 36 bales covered in a water-resistant stretch hood for outside storage. The special size and shape of the bales makes them easy to handle and pour.

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