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Hear from the experts on all things ecological transformation

The effects of the climate crisis are becoming starker every day. Tune in as we discuss the ecological transformation solutions that will help to turn the tide. We are joined by a range of experts - from both Veolia UK and other organisations - to discuss topics such as plastics recycling, food waste, sustainable procurement and much more. Find out more about the solutions of tomorrow, and how you can play your part in ecological transformation.


In Conversation

In conversation with One Stop

Tune in to this bitesize episode with Jenna Chambers, Customer & Sustainability Manager at One Stop and Sophie Edwards, National Account Manager at Veolia to see how we are closing the loop on plastics and helping to deliver ecological transformation.

In conversation with Costa Coffee

Simon Futcher, Commercial Business Development Director at Veolia UK, chats with Darren Hughes, Waste and Recycling specialist at Costa Coffee to discuss sustainability within the coffee shop sector and how Veolia is helping Costa to optimise resources. 

In conversation with Dulux Decorator Centre

Dulux Decorator Centre's sustainability ambitions have combined with Veolia's Ecological Transformation purpose to deliver an innovative paint can recycling scheme. Tune in to find out more.

In conversation with Dairy Dialogue

Tim Duret, the Director of Sustainable Technology at Veolia UK, featured on the Dairy Dialogue podcast by the Dairy Reporter, to find out why a closed-loop approach is so important.

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Ask the Expert Series 2

Festivities, food waste and the future

During the festive season, the UK wastes approximately 270,000 tonnes of food, and that is just one month of the year! Join us for our last 'Ask the Expert' session of 2023, to hear about the impact of food waste for both businesses and residents, helpful tips, initiatives we have in place and projects that support food donations.

Exploring biodiversity and beyond

At a time when Biodiveristy Net Gain is making the headlines, this episode of 'Ask the Expert' will have the answers to your questions on why biodiversity is important and how it is intertwined with Net Zero and social value.



Are you prepared for Wales Single Stream?

Join us in this episode of 'Ask the Expert', where Martyn Fuller is joined by Michael Bosely, Area Account Executive to tell us more about the new legislation, how to prepare and what businesses must do to be compliant. 




How to prepare for the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund can support organisations to invest in solutions to help them to both cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. With phase three of the IETF funding due to be released in Spring 2024, make sure you're prepared to make the most of this funding opportunity. 

Sustainable products for the agriculture sector

Some of the UK's leading poultry suppliers use our livestock bedding products, which are made from the paper crumb generated by British paper mills - making them a more sustainable alternative to traditional bedding. In addition, the absorbency and high quality of the products are in line with stringent welfare regulations.

Improving quality of life in our communities

Through The Veolia Environmental Trust, and initiatives like the Veolia Orchard, we are working to improve quality of life in the communities we serve. Improving quality of life is a key aspect to our Ecological Transformation purpose. 



Are businesses doing enough to decarbonise?

Businesses have started taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint - but more needs to be done. Hear from Veolia UK's David Bevan about how businesses can make their decarbonisation ambitions a reality.

How can PSDS funding benefit you?

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) provides funding to support organisations' decarbonisation ambitions. Tune in to find out more about what the funding entails.

Navigating EPR, compliance and eco-design

Tune into this episode of 'Ask the Expert' for a deep dive into Extended Producer Responsibility, and how it fits into the Government's wider Resources and Waste Strategy. 

Ask the Expert Series 1

How are we creating a circular economy for plastics?

Tune in to find out more about PlastiLoop, our new recycled plastics offering, and how it is helping to achieve a circular economy.

How can district heating help us decarbonise?

Tune in as Jon Sanderson, Business Development Manager for District Heating at Veolia UK, explains why it plays such a vital role in decarbonising the UK's heat.

How can we tackle food waste?

We are joined by Eleanor Morris from WRAP to discuss how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, and their costs, by taking steps to tackle food waste.

Decarbonising transport part 2: Electrifying our fleet in Westminster

Edward Yendluri from Westminster City Council and Briony Bendle from Veolia UK explain how we are helping Westminster to go greener.

Decarbonising transport part 1: Electric Vehicle battery recycling

In the first part of our Decarbonising Transport series, David Reynolds joins us to talk about our new Minworth battery recycling facility.

How can we decarbonise our energy supply?

Energy consumption is one of the most significant contributors of carbon emissions. Listen to Denis Adelmant and Heather Foster from Veolia UK talk about how we can decarbonise our energy supply.

In conversation with The Veolia Environmental Trust

The Veolia Environmental Trust supports community and environmental projects across England. Andrew Brown, Executive Director of the Trust, tells us more.

Why choose waste compaction?

Ever wondered how waste compaction could benefit your business? We're joined by Daniel Parsons, Managing Director of Capital Compactors & Balers, to find out more.

Sustainability in the supply chain

With businesses facing rising prices and a tough economic climate, how can you stay focused on sustainability? We're in conversation with Veolia UK's Kevin Davies and Danielle King to find out.

What's next for plastics?

Tom Coleman, General Manager - Treatment at Veolia UK, joins us to talk about our industry-leading plastics site in Dagenham, and the impact the facility has on the UK market.

Talking plastics with RECOUP

In the first of our two-part series on plastics, Tom McBeth, Policy and Infrastructure Manager at RECOUP, joins us to talk about key topics including the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax.

Sustainability in Sport

Sustainability in Sport - Wembley National Stadium

Join Simon Futcher and Sarah Smith as they explore the intent and the challenges both clubs and the sport face in truly being a net-zero business.

Sustainability in Sport - Birmingham City Football Community Trust

Simon Futcher is joined by Antony Isherwood to talk about the sustainability impact football clubs can have on their local community.

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