Demand Side Response (DSR)


Take control of your energy costs by controlling your energy assets in real-time

Do you want more control over your energy spend? Our DSR services control your energy assets in real time. That means you can protect your operations from volatile prices, avoid high tariffs, and maximise cost efficiencies. 


How we can help

Did you know you could receive recurring payments for your idling back-up generator? Or reduce your electricity costs by adjusting demand or generation at the right time? With DSR you can do all this and more. It gives you real-time control of all your energy assets depending on on-peak or off-peak energy tariffs, enabling you to respond instantly to market trends and National Grid needs. 

DSR also gives you access to money-saving services via distribution and transmissions operators. These include Short Term Operating Reserve, Peak Charge avoidance, Frequency Response and the Capacity Market. You’ll need to meet minimum capacity and flexibility thresholds, and have a solid understanding of the complex, dynamic energy market. But by adding your energy assets to the DSR portfolio and managing them in real time, you can generate significant utility savings.

With DSR you can benefit from:

  • Demand-side response services
  • Full management by our team of energy market experts and engineers
  • Turning non-essential assets down or off during peak grid demand times
  • Utilising excess grid energy at peak times
  • Smart asset management and access to new revenue streams
  • Remote controls and software to access the most profitable services

The DSR virtual platform combines your assets into carefully designed units and uses complex software and algorithms to optimise the time, speed and duration of response. This enables you to respond instantly to the continuous balancing of the grid – without damaging equipment or compromising functionality or response schedules.

How do we create value for you?

By creating a virtual portfolio you will gain access to energy markets and money-saving products that would otherwise not be available to you. By managing your assets remotely and in real-time, you will also be able to respond instantly to protect your operation from volatile prices. 


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