Wastewater Interceptor Cleaning

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Prevent health, safety and environmental hazards with our Interceptor Cleaning Service

Your wastewater interceptors must be emptied and maintained regularly to avoid any blockages that could present a health, safety and environmental hazard, not to mention damage your reputation. Our interceptor waste collection and disposal service can help you comply with the highest standards.

How can Veolia interceptor cleaning help you?

An interceptor is an underground chamber that collects surface water, silt, grit and soil, as well as traces of oil, diesel and other hydrocarbons that may leak from the surface. To help you meet your safety and compliance obligations, we can plan a scheduled interceptor cleaning and maintenance programme. This will minimise pollution and prevent the build-up of silt and mineral deposits that can result in flooding.

Our technical experts use jetting tankers to clear and maintain your interceptors. This will ensure they remain fit for purpose and comply with the highest standards. They can also provide a 24/7 support service to respond to any spillages or overflows.

How does interceptor cleaning create value for you?

By taking the load off you, our service provides complete peace of mind that your interceptor assets are running at optimal performance. This reduces the risk of any unplanned downtime affecting your business continuity while saving you money in the long term. It also protects your reputation and enhances your environmental credentials. 

What happens to your interceptor waste?

All waste is carefully disposed of at our physio-chemical treatment plants to the highest safety and environmental standards.


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