KDC Veolia Onshore Decommissioning

KDC Veolia onshore decommissioning ensures project execution to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

Our Onshore Decommissioning service gives you access to the competence, skills and experience of an industry-leading decommissioning service. We can also draw on the skills of our industrial services division for high pressure jetting, chemical cleaning, or specialist services and can also offer access to our numerous disposal outlets.

Additionally, we ensure all of your waste is managed in accordance with the waste hierarchy, and our experienced project managers focus on top-tier recovery and the reuse of materials, wherever possible. This results in recycling rates in excess of 98%, which can help you minimise waste and maximise the value of your assets.


Our Onshore Decommissioning Process

First, we will undertake a site visit to enable us to submit a compliant technical or commercial proposal. Once this is agreed upon, we usually carry out the project in three phases.

Phase 1

Phase one is planning and development, where we offer the following: Characterisation of potential hazards and contaminants throughout the structures and processes Risk assessments and the creation of a risk management plan that is flexible and can be modified in line with your changing environment Solution design Survey work and production of a report that contains an updated hazard risk matrix, which will remain as a live document throughout the project Construction design and management, whereby our experts will run the site and pass information between subcontractors, the project team and other stakeholders involved Budgeting assistance Bespoke deconstruction strategies.

Phase 2

Phase two is designing and carrying out the decontamination approach, where we provide all environmental, contamination (radiological, asbestos, chemotoxic & biological) and safety case documentation. We also define waste routes and provide all contaminated waste management documentation, ensuring confirmation of discharge licenses and routes. We then make sure all contamination and environmental monitoring processes are in place and provide contamination advice, as necessary. Designs of ventilation/containment systems and enabling works may also be relevant in some projects.

Phase 3

Phase three consists of managing the plant’s dismantling, decommissioning and site clearance tasks, including the licensed removal and disposal of any waste. This is usually done in a live site environment, where minimal disruption is absolutely key.


At KDC Veolia we take pride in our experience, expertise and resources.

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