Economy Dairy Sawdust

cow laying down on the sawdust

Some dairy customers prefer a slightly ‘dustier’ consistency to their sawdust, and our Economy Dairy Sawdust provides an ideal solution delivering all the benefits of maximum absorbency at a lower price.

Produced by Arden, it is available in easy-to-handle bales.



  • More economical (super-absorbent) – A little goes a long way
  • Ideal for slurry systems – Kind to pumps
  • Ideal for cow mats – Stays in place well
  • Quality Assured - Consistent particle size
  • Supplied to farms nationwide

Economy Dairy Sawdust Delivered in Bales Nationwide

Economy Dairy Sawdust is supplied in convenient polythene wrapped bales. Stacked on pallets of 36 bales covered in a water-resistant stretch hood for outside storage. The special size and shape of the bales makes them easy to handle and pour.


Arden Wood Shavings is renowned for quality, reliability, and integrity.

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