Maximising the value of waste to create better outcomes for education
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Supporting education in delivering solutions for ecological transformation

Schools face further budget constraints in the next few years and financial forecasts submitted to the Higher Education Funding Council for England also signal a trend towards unsustainable budget shortfalls.

Against this backdrop, we partner with our education customers to deliver sustainable ways to maximise the value of their waste, while optimising their water usage and boosting building energy efficiency.

Finding efficiencies across large sites

We help our customers find ways to run more resilient, robust and sustainable buildings and operations at a wide range of facilities that support learning, teaching and assessment - from schools and academies to colleges and universities.

Alleviating pressure on tight budgets

Due to proposed cuts in government spending, one of the biggest challenges that the sector is facing is budget constraints. Our innovative, efficient waste management solutions continue to reduce overheads and operating costs.

Maximising the value of waste

We partner with our education customers to deliver sustainable ways to maximise the value of their waste, increasing recycling and diverting more waste from landfill. Helping to reduce and optimise water usage as well as achieve energy efficiencies in their buildings, generating green energy to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

We've saved 39 tonnes of CO2 emissions from recycling paper from the educations sector - saving 134 trees

Utilise our expert guidance and increase your eligibility for securing Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) funding.
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The Climate Commission for UK Higher and Further Education has launched the Climate Action Roadmap for FE Colleges.

Veolia is committed to supporting your organisation in reaching the roadmap objectives and we offer several solutions that can help you on your sustainability journey.




Why universities should be embracing district heating schemes

Decarbonising our heating is a crucial step towards Net Zero - particularly for universities with large campuses to heat. Embracing heat networks is key to this.

From cardboard to hazardous waste: a waste service that can do it all

From the food waste generated in canteens to the glass bottles that pile up in student accommodation, universities have a variety of waste needs to consider: including hazardous waste.

How can universities fund their Net Zero journey?

The pressure is on for universities to reduce their carbon footprint, but with significant financial pressures to consider, it can be hard to justify large decarbonisation projects.

A Veolia solution for universities

When it comes to sustainability, many universities are facing the same obstacles to achieving their goals. Many of which can be solved with a variety of solutions.

Striking a balance with a hybrid energy solution

With the government's commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050, universities are under pressure to act on and commit to their own sustainability roadmaps.



We've exported 472,095 kWh of electricity from food waste in the education sector - that's enough to power 20 universities for a day.