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The energy landscape is transforming

The irruption of renewable energy sources, continuous development of cities that puts pressure on the national grid, climate emergencies with blackout consequences, and citizens willing more empowerment in energy decisions helped by digitalization: all of this is changing the way we see energy.

We have a number of energy solutions that not only help to build long term resilience, but also save on costs and carbon.

You have your own challenges: power access, resilience, and reliability, carbon neutral commitment, economical savings, investments in low carbon technologies...

Our energy consultants bring their long-term and innovative expertise to help you reach your objectives. Need to set up your long-term carbon reduction targets and your pathway of solutions to reach them? Want to assess the opportunity of local on-site renewable energy generation (solar PV, heat pumps…)? Need to know how to finance your low carbon energy and energy reduction programme?

Our Green Energy Consulting Services include:

  • Carbon Footprint & Energy Strategy
  • Zero Carbon Strategies
  • Energy Feasibility Studies

WATCH: Veolia's Net Zero Carbon Strategies

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