A partnership that prioritises patient care

patient care

Although cost savings, sustainability, and a multitude of other factors are important to hospitals, patient care rightly remains the top priority.

A people-focused industry

Healthcare is a unique industry. Unlike sectors such as manufacturing or pharmaceutical, healthcare is completely focused on people, not products. Its primary purpose is to provide care and save lives. This means that considerations are different in this industry: whilst protecting profits and going greener are still priorities (and both are intrinsically linked to patient welfare), patient care is the number one concern. As the population is aging and demands of NHS trusts are changing, ensuring that patients get the services they need from hospitals is more crucial than ever.

The perfect partner

When selecting suppliers to partner with, choosing organisations that hold the same high regard for patient welfare is key. Many different services contribute to the patient experience, so it's important for them all to be running smoothly to enable operations to continue efficiently. Veolia's understanding of the healthcare sector's needs means we are best placed to provide a reliable, efficient service, and our second-to-none account management means that we can enable you to prioritise patient care.

We do that by looking after your non-core services, including waste, energy, and water, removing stress, and allowing hospitals to focus on what they do best. Firstly, by looking after your waste streams using our own network of vehicles and facilities, you will never have to worry about your waste collections being cancelled. We will always be able to deal with your waste as promised, meaning that your ability to accept patients is never compromised by storing too much waste. In addition, our main priority when looking at energy solutions for hospitals is always security of supply, so that they suffer minimal disruption in the event of a power cut. The same goes for our water and FM services, along with all other services we provide in the healthcare sector - security of supply, reliability, and efficiency are our biggest priorities.

Corporate Responsibility
It's a tough road ahead....but we're with you on the journey! When times are tough, you need a partner you can trust.

A flexible but always compliant service

As demonstrated by the pandemic, the ability to react quickly to changing situations is also crucial for ensuring continued patient care. We are able to be agile and responsive, whether by acting fast in the event of a power outage or changing waste collection schedules at short notice. Yet however quickly we have to adapt our services, compliance is always at the forefront of our minds, as we understand how important it is for hospitals to meet their compliance obligations as laid out in the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM).

Partnering with a supplier that understands your priorities ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal: providing the highest standards of customer care.

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