How our FM team can bring value to the healthcare sector

What do you think of when you hear the words 'Facilities Management'? Do you think of infrastructure maintenance, energy management, or cleaning services?

While all of these are valuable elements of an FM contract, a service that goes beyond these core areas will deliver additional benefits. The work that Veolia's FM team has undertaken with a hospital in South Wales clearly demonstrates the added value that can be generated through extra to-contract works.


Taking care of critical services

We provide the hospital with a full range of hard FM services, including: 

  • Compliance Services 
  • Infrastructure Maintenance 
  • Energy Management

All of these services are key to keeping the hospital running smoothly and minimising costs - we manage the hospital's energy on-site, and help them to reduce consumption, keeping prices low. 

We have added value to the site's waste management processes by introducing segregation. Therefore, increasing recycling rates, and providing a Total Waste Management service to look after all waste streams.  

By looking after crucial areas such as energy and waste, we allow the hospital to focus on its core purpose of taking care of patients. 

Going beyond the norm

Sometimes a hospital's requirements of its FM provider fall outside of the expected parameters. The hospital in question has approximately 4.7 kilometres of gas pipelines, providing critical medical gas to bedsides. Veolia manages the gas supply from gas stores to bedhead, and ensures all hospital wards have the medical gas supply they need. This has been especially important during the pandemic, when the demand for oxygen increased. Alongside this, we complete ad hoc project work to fulfil the hospital's bespoke needs.

Value add projects that we have undertaken include the replacement of 180 fire doors; the upgrade of the Building Management System; and the installation of interactive screens throughout the hospital. The extra to contract projects we regularly work on range from smaller improvements, to high risk projects such as replacing an atrium roof. These projects delivered by Veolia ensure a safe, modern hospital site, which enables medical staff to fulfil their roles efficiently. A partnership with an FM provider that goes beyond the day to day, means that any concerns over safety or compliance are swiftly dealt with, and opportunities for improvement or modernisation can be quickly identified.

Our Industrial Facilities Management service manages the risks and responsibilities of keeping your operations safe, compliant and productive.


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