A powerful partnership serving the needs of the military

For the past 15 years, Veolia has been in partnership with energy distribution provider UK Power Networks Services. Our joint venture business, named MUJV Ltd, provides critical utilities infrastructure management across Aldershot and Salisbury Plain.

How does this partnership work?

Collaboratively, Veolia and UK Power Networks Services work with military bases to provide essential utilities services. UK Power Networks Services looks after high voltage energy requirements, whereas we provide water and waste services across these sites. Due to the nature of the military sites, requirements are often complex, and necessitate bespoke solutions from both parties. Modernising sites and making them greener is also a priority for the partnership, with UK Power Networks Services recently designing and installing electrical vehicle charging infrastructure at multiple military bases. MUJV also design, install and manage gas networks on the same sites.

MUJV supports sites through the full asset lifecycle, from design and build to operations and maintenance. Incorporating value for money as well as resilience, we can design projects ranging from high voltage electricity networks, to sewer systems and gas networks. We then build and install infrastructure, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. Once installed, we carry out continual operational inspections, as well as planned maintenance and lifecycle programmes.

What are the benefits of this partnership?

Thanks to the combined knowledge and expertise of both companies, with Veolia able to offer complex water, energy and waste services, and UK Power Networks Services an expert in energy solutions and power distribution, MUJV is able to accommodate the unique needs of military sites. We have the flexibility to deliver individual projects through to multi-million pound major works programmes. Once projects are up and running, continual operations and maintenance support ensures security of supply, which is especially crucial for these sites. Our partnership is an example of bringing together long-standing expertise across multiple areas, to achieve an efficient, resilient service that meets the demands of a complex sector.


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