Preparing for the unexpected and ensuring business continuity

For every business, there is always the potential for things to go wrong. Have you got the necessary partnerships in place to ensure that operations can continue when the unexpected happens?

Avoiding a costly incident

An example of an unexpected challenge is when a large manufacturing company, and customer of Veolia, faced a loss of potable water due to construction workers striking a local water main. Due to the magnitude of the problem, and delays in procuring replacement parts, the interruption to the water supply was likely to be days, causing disruption to manufacturing and production, and costing millions of pounds.

Veolia works with the company in question to provide essential Facilities Management services, including cleaning, front of house and security services. However the services provided go beyond this, and are responsive to the client's needs. In this situation, we were able to provide bottled water to workers along with mobile welfare facilities, as well as water for operations, ensuring that vital processes were able to continue. The Veolia IFM Team continued working at the site over the weekend to ensure that the water supply was safely restored, allowing the client's 24/7 operations to continue without interruption.

It pays to be prepared

As much as a business may work hard to minimise the risks, there is always the possibility of an unforeseen incident. Anything that causes disruption to operations can cause problems in terms of health and safety, production levels and of course, cost - the longer the time until you are back up and running, the more detrimental to your bottom line the incident will be.

Establishing a partnership with Veolia's IFM team can give you peace of mind that as well as taking care of the day to day, you have a reliable supplier who can support you when something happens out of the blue. We cover the full range of hard and soft services with an emphasis on self delivery wherever possible, including stepping in where we can to provide essential resources and ensure business continuity.

A service that suits your needs

Our IFM team will get to know your business and ensure that you have the necessary services in place to be able to function efficiently. As well as providing an integrated service that meets your needs, this also means that when something goes wrong we are best-placed to support you, and provide a solution that helps your business get back on its feet.


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