Going green: how to introduce more sustainable energy


Introducing more sustainable energy solutions is a crucial part of reducing your carbon footprint. It can also be more cost-effective.

A solution that works for you

NHS trusts are aware that they are under pressure to reduce emissions and become 'greener', due to both Net Zero targets and an increasing environmental focus from the public. But with tight budgets presenting a different kind of pressure, the perceived cost of green projects can often be a deterrent. Knowing how to adapt existing equipment and infrastructure can help minimise costs.

This is where Veolia comes in. We can work with trusts to assess the existing infrastructure of hospitals, and can then make suggestions for optimising equipment. We retain equipment where possible to keep costs low, rather than always recommending the installation of new.

When we do install new equipment, our contracts include a replacement guarantee scheme, which ensures that you won't pay again if something needs replacing.

Our energy efficiency for buildings services can help you to monitor, report and control your energy consumption to cut your costs and meet your performance and sustainability targets.

Acting now to go greener

When it does come to introducing more sustainable solutions, acting proactively rather than reactively means that trusts are less likely to get stung by increasing gas prices. Options that we offer take into consideration budget restrictions, as well as patient numbers, to make sure that new equipment is appropriate for your trust's requirements. In the first instance, reducing consumption is key. Making changes like installing LED lighting can make the hospital more energy efficient, saving money, as well as being more environmentally friendly, and improving the patient experience.

When there is a need for new solutions, more sustainable energy options include installing heat pumps, replacing steam with low-temperature hot water, and utilising renewable energy sources such as solar. Introducing greener options alongside more traditional energy sources can balance sustainability with cost.

Business case
Find out how we helped the Trust meet its carbon emissions reduction target three years early.

Protecting your bottom line as well as the planet

Introducing green energy can be beneficial for your bottom line, as well as having a positive environmental impact. There has been a decrease in funding available for more carbon-intensive energy sources, so it's not as cost-effective as it once was to rely purely on traditional energy. A financially beneficial option is our Energy Performance Contracts, which offer guaranteed savings along with the integration of renewable energy. There are a range of ways to make your energy supply greener, whilst considering your budget restrictions and individual requirements.


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