Crisp Malting

Combined heat and power (CHP)
large factory

Supporting Crisp Malting with a
reliable supply of energy, electricity and hot air

Producing malt since 1870, the Crisp Malting Group is the leading privately owned malting company in the UK – supplying leading brewers, distillers and food producers across the world. Great Ryburgh is the largest of the five production sites of the Crisp Malting Group producing 115,000 tonnes of finished malt per annum.

The challenge

To produce the finished malt, the production process needs reliable energy supplies of electricity and hot air. Efficient generation is important to support both the product quality and throughput and also the need to reduce carbon footprint.

The solution

In 1997, Veolia’s specialist packaged CHP team worked closely with the site managers to design and install two 600kWe CHP plants to provide electricity to the site and hot air to the malt kilns. These units operated successfully to the end of their operational life.

In 2013, Crisp Malting approached Veolia to replace these units and deliver a new CHP solution that would meet the increased production demand on site.

Working with Crisp Malting, Veolia designed, installed and now operates and maintains a 1.5MWe CHP unit that delivers the required electricity and heat to support the production process.

The heat from the CHP plant is used in the initial stages of the kilning process where high temperatures are not required for
the first 24 hours of the cycle. Because we have two kilns running 24 hours apart we always have a consistent demand for the heat from the CHP plant therefore the system is highly efficient.

Veolia provides long-term operation and maintenance of the units with full monitoring from its Horsham base.

Value delivered

The CHP reduces energy costs and saves 2,386 tonnes of CO2 each year in line with Crisp’s environmental policy. Crisp Malting benefited from the CHP design, installation and operation expertise from Veolia’s teams who support this site on a 24/7 basis.


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