Unlocking the value in your waste

working bin men

Have you ever considered the
opportunities in your waste?

There is often untapped value in
food and beverage manufacturers'
waste and by-products, both financial
and environmental.

Knowing what to do with waste

We know that disposing of your waste can be a lot more complicated than it first seems, especially when taking into account increasingly stringent sustainability targets and regulations. As a food and beverage manufacturer, you have various by-products and waste streams, all of which have to be treated in different ways. As well as making sure that waste is dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner, it can be expensive dealing with multiple waste streams.

Creating a circular economy

Veolia can address both of these concerns - we can help your business to close the loop by finding ways for your waste to be used as a resource, and we can ensure that your waste is dealt with in the most cost-effective manner. You may be able to turn waste products back into something useful for your business or sell by-products externally. We can also monitor the carbon emissions of your waste, and help you to track the reduction in emissions as more sustainable solutions are introduced.

We can start by auditing your waste streams to see where improvements can be made. We can then develop solutions which will enable you to utilise your waste and unlock its value. For example, you can put food waste through an anaerobic digestion facility to generate energy, reducing costs and helping to close the loop in your business. You can even sell green energy back to the National Grid, adding extra value.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Zero to landfill

But we know that food and beverage manufacturers have more complex waste streams than just food waste, and we know that lots of businesses are aiming to be zero to landfill. We can help to make this ambition a reality, by conducting an in-depth analysis of your waste streams. We can find ways for your business to better adhere to the basic waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle - by finding ways for waste products to have a second life and serve a different purpose.

By looking at all of your waste streams, we can ensure that waste is being properly segregated, disposed of and treated. Having optimum waste management processes in place will boost your business' sustainability credentials, ensure that you have the most cost-effective waste infrastructure, and help you to close the loop and create a circular economy, all whilst reducing your carbon footprint.


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