Nuclear Decommissioning

KDC Veolia are decommissioning specialists within the nuclear market exhibiting a successful track record of delivering decommissioning and demolition projects.

KDC Veolia can provide turnkey solutions from initial surveys and characterisation through decontamination, dismantling and segregation, to packaging and appropriate disposal.

Decommissioning operations require a clear identification of the facility conditions followed by a definition of a precise strategy. A risk based approach is used to control the initial facility investigation and subsequent control and execution of the works.

KDC Veolia Methodology & Processes

KDC Veolia’s methodology has ensured that our decommissioning projects are executed safely, and to budget and programme.

In providing demolition services to the nuclear industry, we have pioneered many best practices for the safe demolition of complex structures within live facilities. KDC Veolia was the first demolition company to use explosive techniques for the demolition of a facility on a UK nuclear licensed site.

KDC Veolia offer a proven team with expert technical and managerial capabilities. Qualified, experienced personnel and comprehensive safe systems of work confirm KDC Veolia’s suitability for this most demanding of industries.

Experienced at working collaboratively with other organisations that share our values, we ensure that we provide the correct solution for the client. KDC Veolia have formed an alliance, Celadon ( to deliver the Magnox decommissioning programme.


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