Our customers are on a journey to improve their sustainability and we’re committed to ensuring their success.
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Our customers are on a journey to improve their sustainability and we’re committed to ensuring their success. We are driven by innovation and listening to the needs of our customers while simultaneously developing tailored solutions to decarbonise, depollute and regenerate resources.

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The built environment accounts for around 25% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. That’s why we’re committed to driving carbon and cost savings for our customers in our energy contracts and delivering innovative solutions that will drive down energy bills and emissions.

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In the full 2022 Sustainability Report, we detail how we’re putting this to the test. For example, at three large NHS hospitals, we’re deploying a range of solutions to reduce the on-site energy demand and transition to low-carbon heating and renewable energy generation. Our district heat networks are also on display, with Sheffield City Council’s innovative pipe re-lining cutting the carbon footprint of maintenance operations by up to 80%.

Regenerating Resources


In only three decades, more than a third of the Earth’s natural resources have been destroyed… by humans. The resources we require for maintaining life are depleting. The rise in global population, urbanisation and economic development has caused a huge imbalance to supply and demand to supplies of water, food, land, natural gas, energy and oil. We are using them much faster than we can replenish, meaning there is only a matter of time until we completely run out.

Reducing our reliance on virgin materials plays a key role in limiting environmental impact worldwide. At Veolia, we must think creatively about the materials we use to understand where we can introduce circularity.

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Veolia’s purpose of ecological transformation is only possible with the commitment and partnership of our customers, so we’re constantly finding new ways to make it easier for them to maximise the value they get from working with us. This results in more material recycled, more waste kept out of landfill, and more carbon saved and avoided – all of which takes us further towards our goal.

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