Conveyor Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

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Brettex are experts in maintenance, repair and replacement of conveyor systems

Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of your dewatering conveyors are essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns. Our team of experts is here to assist with all your conveyor needs, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs.

The engineering specialisms at Brettex extend to all works associated with conveyor maintenance, repair and replacement. Our in-house workshop team are able to weld, fabricate, machine and mill new component parts or repair assets to extend their life expectancy. If the assets are beyond economical repair, Brettex can offer solutions to source, install, and commission new equipment in an existing line or design an entirely new process flow.


Regular inspections are essential to ensure that your dewatering conveyor is operating efficiently and safely. Our team of experienced professionals can perform thorough inspections of your system, identifying any issues that may be affecting its performance. This includes inspecting the bearings, chains, belts, motors, and other components of the conveyor. We will then provide you with a detailed report outlining any necessary repairs and recommended maintenance to ensure that your system is running optimally.


Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your dewatering conveyor and prevent costly breakdowns. Our team can assist with routine maintenance tasks, such as lubrication and belt tension adjustment, to keep your system operating smoothly. We can also provide guidance on how to best maintain your conveyor, including tips for cleaning and preventative maintenance.


Despite regular inspections and maintenance, your dewatering conveyor may still require repairs from time to time. Our team has the expertise to diagnose and repair any issues that may arise, from replacing damaged belts and bearings to repairing motors and gearboxes. We understand that unexpected breakdowns can be disruptive to your operations, and we will work quickly and efficiently to get your system up and running again as soon as possible.


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