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KDC Veolia are specialist providers of decommissioning and demolition services to the food & beverage industry

The UK food and drinks sector directly employs up to 400,000 people and accounts for 15% of the UK's total manufacturing sector. The sector continues to undergo change be it rationalisation of production facilities, development of new processes, compliance with legislation or relocation of plant.

KDC Veolia is well positioned to support the sector with our specialist skills and experience in decommissioning, deplanting, demolition and remediation. We have developed industry best practice and understand the practical, safety and legislative challenges posed by food and beverage manufacturing environments.

KDC Veolia offer a proven team with the technical and managerial capabilities aligned to the varying scopes of work that we may encounter through the course of a plant decommissioning programme.

From initial surveys, hazard abatement, de-planting and demolition to waste characterization, separation and disposal, we have an impeccable safety record in this most demanding and challenging of environments.

We are practised in working within the constraints of a live process production arena and this has aided the development of the skills necessary to reduce the impact of our operations on adjacent operating facilities.

Customers chose KDC Veolia because of our track record, price competitiveness, the calibre of our workforce and financial stability.

Suitably qualified and experienced personnel and comprehensive Safe Systems of Work confirm that KDC Veolia is the preferred partner in this challenging sector.


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