KDC Veolia are specialist providers of Industrial decommissioning and demolition services

KDC Veolia has an exemplary track record in serving clients in the industrial market. Our compliance and due diligence experience and our knowledge of regulatory environments help our clients meet their challenges.

KDC Veolia's risk-based approach to decommissioning, demolition and land remediation for our industrial customers enables the provision of cost-effective solutions directed at satisfying our clients' site-specific needs.

Our objective for our customers is to reduce their liabilities and recover maximum value from their redundant assets.

From site feasibility studies to decommissioning and remediation projects, KDC Veolia is focused on delivering high quality service, while minimizing disruption to clients' operations.

KDC Veolia offer a proven team with the technical and managerial capabilities aligned to the varying scopes of work that we may encounter through the course of an industrial plant decommissioning programme.


KDC Veolia are renowned for providing services you can trust.

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