KDC Veolia are specialist providers of decommissioning and demolition services to the environmental market

KDC Veolia environmental market services are mainly focussed on contaminated land and ground water remediation although the majority of KDC Veolia’s services support environmental improvement, sustainability and CSR objectives. We regularly recycle/reuse over 98% of materials at our project sites.

Our land remediation services are delivered by K-Land, part of KDC Veolia.

KDC Veolia's specialist capabilities encompass an integrated “cradle to grave” contaminated land remediation service, specialising within the brownfield redevelopment market.

Capabilities and experiences include the use of engineered approaches and solutions to contaminated land challenges including risk-assessed remedial design and appraisal, through to the implementation of site remediation works.

KDC Veolia solutions use the latest on-site testing technologies to accurately delineate, excavate and treat contaminated materials more efficiently.

Each project is carefully reviewed, risk assessed and agreed with regulatory bodies in order to provide the most practical and cost effective solution for our clients.

We have a dedicated and long serving team of contracts managers, site managers and project scientists that consistently deliver projects in demanding and challenging environments.


KDC Veolia are renowned for providing services you can trust.

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