Building Lighting Controls


Building management lighting controls to help reduce your buildings energy usage and cut carbon

Escalating energy prices and the climate emergency are putting pressure on businesses to rethink how they can improve energy efficiency. Our lighting control system and LED lighting solutions will optimise your energy use, so your lights are only on when and where they are needed.

How we can help

Inefficient lighting doesn’t just result in higher energy bills; a poorly-lit environment can also affect staff productivity and satisfaction. We can help you to replace or upgrade your T5, T8 or T12 tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, spots and floodlights or other outdated solutions with high-quality LED.

Whether it’s an office building, school or industrial process hall, our lighting experts will design and install a fit-for-purpose solution that’s tailored to your exact needs. We can also recommend and install state-of-the-art lighting controls with high-end trim that will help you save even more energy.

Our LED lighting solutions will:

  • Save on energy use and lighting costs
  • Provide better quality, consistent light with superior colour rendering
  • Reduce maintenance costs thanks to a long and reliable lifetime
  • Lower your carbon footprint

Add advanced control systems and you can save even more energy via:

  • Presence detection and movement sensors
  • Demand-controlled dimming (depending on time of day)
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Automated window shades and blinds

We will also ensure that your lighting upgrade is planned to avoid any disruption to your core activities.


How do we create value for you?

Our LED lighting and lighting control solutions will help you maximise energy savings while creating an environment that is better for those who use your buildings. In fact, the right lighting has been proven to boost concentration and productivity, as well as have a positive impact on general health and well-being. So you can look forward to a brighter workforce too.

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