Solvent Recycling & Recovery

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Realise the value of waste solvents
through our Solvent Recycling & Recovery Service

Are you looking to realise the value of your waste solvents? Our highly efficient solvent recycling and
recovery service creates a clean product that can be returned to you, saving on the cost of virgin
materials and enhancing your green credentials.



How we can help

Our solvent recovery plant offers state-of-the-art service for handling, cleaning, purifying and recycling a wide range of solvents. They are carefully handled via a distillation process that separates the pure solvent from contaminants and impurities. We also have a Thin Film Evaporator that can remove solvent from paints and coatings. Both processes result in a clean, product grade material that can be sold back into the industry. Alternatively, it can be delivered back to you in a process known as toll recovery.

The solvent recycling and recovery process includes:

  •  Sampling and analysing your waste’s suitability for recovery, reuse or residual disposal
  • Completing all the appropriate documentation to fulfil your legal obligations
  • Collection of your waste in a purpose-built vehicle by fully trained and equipped staff
  • Returning the solvents to you or supplying them to a new user
  • Audit trail reports for materials tendered, mass balances and certificates of recycling and/or disposal


How do we create value for you?

The service offers many benefits, including the R code process. By reusing your waste solvents, you can boost your environmental credentials with an R code. You can choose to purchase your recovered solvents to make considerable savings compared to purchasing virgin materials. Or we can purchase them and sell them to other industrial customers. Either way, you will be minimising your impact on the environment and preserving resources by reprocessing crude solvents into green products that can be used again and again.



Solvent Recovery Overview Document


Thin Film Evaporation Leaflet


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