Haringey - Frequently Asked Questions about the Bulky Waste Service

Information on the Bulky Waste Service for Haringey residents


I have garden waste I need to dispose of but don't produce enough in a year to warrant an annual subscription and can't get to the RRC. What can I do?
You can pay for a one-off collection of up to 15 bags of garden waste for £20.

Will you supply the bags?
No, you will need to use your own bags.

How many bags are classed as one item?
For this scheme, three bags equals one item so you can have up to 15 bags collected, as the maximum number of items per booking is five.

I only have a few bags. Is the charge still £20?
Any number of bags up to the maximum of 15 incurs the £20 charge, but you can also add other non-garden bulky waste items to your order, up to a maximum of 5 items.
For example, as three bags equals one item, in this scheme you could have:
▪ 3 bags of garden waste (1 item) and 4 other bulky items
▪ 6 bags of garden waste (2 items) and 3 other bulky items
▪ 9 bags of garden waste (3 items) and 2 other bulky items
▪ 12 bags of garden waste (4 items) and 1 other bulky item
▪ 15 bags of garden waste (5 items).

What happens to this garden waste - will it get composted?
As it will be collected through our Bulky Waste service unfortunately it will not be able to be composted. To
ensure your garden waste is composted please sign up to the dedicated garden waste collection service
at https://wasteservicesportal.veolia.co.uk/HaringeyGardenWaste/ or by calling 020 8885 7700.

When does this service run until?
It is a limited-time service available until the end of June 2020.

Can I use the service more than once?
You can use the service as frequently as you wish, for £20 each time. However, if you are likely to generate bags of
garden waste on more than one occasion you are advised to sign up to the garden waste service, which is much
more cost effective. For only £55 you can receive a supply of 60 large biodegradable sacks or a 140-litre brown wheeled bin and enjoy weekly collections until 31 March 2021, when the subscription renews again. For an
additional £20 you can receive a larger 240 litre brown wheeled bin.

Will you be running this scheme again after the end of June?
No this is a limited-time, one-off opportunity for residents to be able to dispose of their garden waste they have
accumulated during lockdown if they do not wish to subscribe for regular collections or are unable or unwilling to
take waste to the Reuse & Recycling Centre.

Can I add additional items to my booking?
You can have up to five items collected for £20. Any additional items will be charged at an additional £10 per item
(up to a maximum of 10 items in total) and all waste will be collected on the same vehicle.

Can I just take my waste to the Reuse & Recycling Centre (RRC)?
The RRC has reopened with some restrictions, and there is a booking system in place. It is also likely to be
extremely busy with long waiting times. You should only visit the RRC if you really need to. This service, and the
normal garden waste collection service, allows you to have your garden waste picked up without you having to make any unnecessary journeys.



How much does this service cost?
The minimum charge is £20 for up to five bulky items. Each additional item costs £10. Please note we do not do house clearances.
How many bags make up one item?
There are five bags to one item. All bags must be able to be tied at the top and lifted without splitting. Please use a standard size bag only (max 80 litres) and do not place heavy items in black rubbish bags in case they break when we collect them. Heavy/split bags will be left and not collected.
What is the maximum number of items I can book in one collection?
The maximum number of items per booking is 10. The first five items are charged at £20 in total, then it's £10 per item thereafter.
Why is there now a charge for this service?
There has always been a charge for the collection of bulky items that are not reusable or recyclable. The reason for extending the charging to all bulky items is that the Council has to save £20million over the next two years. It was felt that by handling waste differently the Council could make vital savings while still providing a robust service. This means more of the Council’s remaining resources will be able to go into other essential areas, such as adult social care, libraries and children’s services.
How can I pay for this service?
We accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express.
I don’t have a credit/debit card, how else can I make payment?
You can pay by cheque. You will need to make a cheque payable to Veolia and send it into the Veolia Contact Centre, Contract House, Ashley Road Depot, Ashley Road, London N17 9AZ.  Your collection date will be confirmed after the cheque has been cleared.

How quickly can I get my item(s) collected?
We will endeavour to collect your item(s) within five working days. Our team collects by postcode, with each postcode in the borough assigned a collection day:
Tuesday – N10, N2, N6
Wednesday – N8, N4
Thursday – N15, N17
Friday – N22, N11, N13
For White Goods the collection days by postcode are as follows:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - N13, N15, N17, N18, N22, N11
Tuesday, Thursday - N2, N4, N6, N8, N10
I have a combination of white goods and other items, can these be booked on the same booking?
Yes this is possible, although please note that a different vehicle is used for white goods so your collection may not take place at exactly the same time.
How should I present my waste for collection?
Please ensure that you place your item(s) out for collection in an easily accessible location within your property boundary either the night before or the morning of your collection date.  Please do not leave your items in basements or areas that need to be accessed by any steps. Please note that the collection team commences work at 6.30am, so please ensure your item(s) are presented by this time. Any material-based items such as sofas or mattresses should be covered up to prevent them getting wet, as this significantly increases the weight of the item. If you live in a block of flats, place your items by your bin store area, or where you would place your rubbish for collection.
Can you collect from inside my property?
No we are not authorised to enter a property, please place your items outside your property but within your property boundary.
Can I pre-book my collection for a later date?
Yes. Please advise when you would like your collection to be made (on a day we collect from your postcode) and we will book it. Please ensure that you place your item(s) out for collection in an easily accesible location within your property boundary either the night before or the morning of your collection date. The collection team starts work at 6.30am, so please ensure your item(s) are presented by this time on your collection date.
What items can I get collected?
Furniture/General Items
Bathroom storage
Beds, bed frames and headboards
Bedside cabinets
Cabinets and shoe cabinets
Carpets and rugs contained within a tied bag (max 80 litres)
Chairs and armchairs
Chest of drawers
Clothes rails
Coffee tables
Doors (no fire doors or metal doors)
Dressing tables
Garden tables and other garden furniture
Home office desk
Sofas and sofa beds (please dismantle sofa beds)
Storage furniture
TV stands and media units
Wardrobes (dismantled)
Up to five tied bin bags
White Goods/WEEE (standard household appliances only)
Computers/PCs and hard drives
Computer monitors
Cookers and cooking hobs
Electronic musical instruments
Hi-Fis/stereo systems
Laptop computers
Tumble driers
Washing machines/dryers
What items cannot be collected?
Rubble and soil
Masonry and tiles
Construction waste, e.g. bricks, stonework, cement, paint, plasterboard
Waste from house renovations, e.g. bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings/worktops, kitchen units, fireplace surrounds
Garden sheds and trellis
Carpets and rugs that are not contained within a tied bag
Gas bottles and cylinders
Car batteries
Tree trunks and thick branches
Pianos (unless broken up)
I can’t afford to pay for a special collection – what do you advise?
You can take your waste to the Reuse & Recycling Centre in Western Road, Wood Green N22 6UG. As part of the Council’s savings programme, the Park View Road Reuse & Recycling Centre closed in October 2017. For many years Park View Road was the only recycling centre in Haringey. This has now been replaced by the larger site on Western Road.
For other recycling centres in North London please visit: http://www.wiseuptowaste.org.uk/recycle/reuse-and-recycling-centres
If you are a Homes for Haringey resident you may have a bulk store on your Estate where you can take your items for collection.
What if I change my mind and no longer require a paid-for collection?
We cannot cancel a payment once it has been made but we can change the date of your collection as long as you advise us at least two working days before the collection is due. Working days are Monday to Friday.
If I place my item out for collection and it goes missing prior to your team collecting it am I entitled to a refund?
There is no refund applicable as the collection would still have been booked and a crew deployed to your address to make the collection.
What if I need to change my collection day after making a booking?
You are able to change your collection day free of charge, as long as you advise us at least two working days before the collection is due. Working days are Monday to Friday.
What happens if I place my items out for collection but the crew fail to collect it?
Please contact the Veolia Contact Centre and we will rectify the situation by arranging another collection. This will only occur if the items were accessible for the collection crew.  Please make items easy to identify and pick up by our collectors. We can only collect items that have been booked for collection.
Is there a limit on the number of collections I can request in a year?
No you can make as many collection requests in a year as you wish. Each separate collection will still cost £20 for up to five items and £10 per item thereafter.
Are any of my items recycled?
Generally the items are unable to be recycled as they are collected in a compaction vehicle, however if the disposal point is able to separate any metal/wood etc they will recover it for recycling.
What if I need to change or add another item/items to an existing booking?
You can make amendments and additions to the items stated in the booking you have made as long as it is at least two working days before your collection date. Please note if your additions take you over the five items for £20 limit then each additional item will incur a £10 charge.