Pumpkin and roasted seeds

South London residents invited to get food waste savvy this Halloween

To help reduce food waste and promote food recycling, Veolia, in partnership with Lambeth and Southwark councils, is hosting a healthy Halloween pop-up cookery event on Sunday 20 October at Herne Hill Market, between 10am to 4pm. 

The event is in support of the London-wide Small Change Big Difference campaign, which promotes sustainable food behaviours and healthy eating. 

Veolia has partnered with Sneaky Veg chef, Mandy Mazliah, to share healthy halloween recipes that help to reduce food waste. Veolia will also share practical food waste recycling tips, and those who are inspired to create their own healthy Halloween treats will have the chance to win a seasonal organic vegetable box.  

To make sure no food is wasted on the day, Veolia’s Lambeth and Southwark recycling teams will be on hand to recycle inedible food, and to give advice on its composting and food waste recycling services. Visitors will also get the chance to take the Halloween spirit home with them by decorating food waste caddies and turning them into caddy monsters.

Lambeth and Southwark are two of twelve London boroughs taking part in the Small Change, Big Difference campaign, which aims to help Londoners make a big difference to their health, pockets and the planet by getting savvier with their food. The campaign is about eating more healthily and sustainably, reducing the amount of food wasted at home and recycling more of the inedible bits. This week is a celebration of the work that Londoners have done over the last two years as part of the campaign. 

We are very proud that Lambeth and Southwark have joined forces to champion the Small Change, Big Difference campaign. As Londoners throw away almost 910,000 tonnes of food each year, it is vital that campaigns such as these exist. We want to help our residents save money and live more sustainable lives by reducing and recycling food waste, and during the week we’ll be providing tips showing just how making one or two small changes can make a big difference
Rachel Butler
Communications Manager at Veolia

Londoners are spending a whopping £1.4 billion each year on buying food, with councils paying around £50 million to dispose of it when it becomes waste. Not only is this waste environmentally damaging, but families could save up to £70 a month by slightly changing the way we shop, prepare, store and eat our food. We can also do our bit to help with climate change by reducing our food waste and changing the way we dispose of our food.*

For more information on the campaign go to www.smallchangebigdifference.london.   


Here are some tips from Small Change, Big Difference for how to prevent food waste, eat more healthily and recycle the inedible bits. 

1. Freeze half your loaf if you don’t always use it all. Pop the frozen slices straight into your toaster.

2. Once you have opened your bagged lettuce - place it in a tub with kitchen roll to make it last longer. 

3. Eat from your freezer one day a week.
4. Try canned veg in your cooking – it’s packed with vitamins and lasts longer. 
5. Did you know you can freeze eggs? Simply crack them into a freezable container and either separate or whisk together. 
6. Take a ‘shelfie’ of your fridge before shopping to avoid doubling up on items. 
7. One recycled banana peel could generate enough electricity to charge a mobile phone twice.
8. Any container can act as a caddy in your kitchen, so long as you put the food waste you collect in the correct council box or bin outside your property.
9. Did you know you can recycle, bones, eggshells, fruit peelings and coffee grounds in your council food waste collection? 
10. Make healthy ice cream using frozen banana – simply freeze, slice and blend.