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London - Composting Facilities

Our composting facility in Rainham enables green waste to be diverted away from landfill

The process is fairly straight forward and requires Green Waste input. This is  then shredded and laid out in long piles to decompose, usually in open air and allowed to decompose. The process is very similar to the process that happens in a home compost bin. We operate one composting facility in the Greater London region - Rainham.



Veolia operates a composting facility in Rainham. The site handles around 70,000 tonnes of green waste per annum. We accept waste from local authorities including the East London Waste Authority, the Western Riverside Waste Authority, Bexley, Essex, Kent and Medway.

We produce over 250,000 tonnes of award-winning compost per annum which is sold on the retail market. Compost from our Rainham site has been used at the Eden Project and at Canary Wharf.

For further information on Rainham composting facility, click here.


PRO-GROW is Veolia's Soil Association certified. organic soil conditioner that is rich in nutrients and essential trace elements, providing plants with an ideal growing medium.