Recycling Fund for Communities

Do you have a London based project that inspires people to do the right thing with their waste?

Through our Recycling Fund for Communities, you could receive a cash boost, in kind resources or staff volunteers to help bring your idea to life.

To be eligible, your project must demonstrate a positive impact on the environment through:

  • Its use of recycled, reused or reclaimed materials
  • ​Its ability to protect and preserve resources
  • Its enhancement of local environments.

Our standard pledge amount is a maximum of £1000.

Unlock additional funding through Veolia's Plastic Pledge

To help reduce plastic waste and encourage recycling within our communities, environmental projects that deliver a positive impact on plastic waste could be eligible for additional Plastic Pledge funding,  which has a maximum pledge amount of £2000 per project. 

To be considered for the additional Plastic Pledge funding, your project must:

  • Encourage the reduction of single-use plastics
  • Demonstrate the reuse of plastics before disposal
  • Raise awareness on plastic pollution and promote change
  • Prevent plastic from being used in the first place.

There are two ways to apply 

Projects requiring less than the maximum pledge amount can apply via our online form. Projects requiring £2000 or more will be required to apply via the Spacehive Crowdfunding platform, where they can pitch to other funds and build a community.  Applications links are located on the top right hand side of this page.

Please note: Projects applying for more than £500 via the online form may be required to submit further information upon request or to apply via Spacehive. The information included in your application will be passed onto the fund's decision-making team and you will be contacted if successful. You may also receive updates about the fund from time to time.

If your project needs Veolia's maximum pledge amount of £2000 or more

If you project requires less than £2000

Hear about the great projects the Recycling Fund for Communities has supported already...

The Caldwell Garden Community Project delivered new and engaging bin store signage across the Caldwell estate, made completely from discarded materials by the local community.

We supported this project as it promoted food waste recycling, an important service being enforced across the borough. The initiative also provided an engaging community outlet for unwanted materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, further supporting its green credentials.

"Creativity brings people together, and through art we hope to spread awareness of environmental issues and empower local people to take action"

Tottenham Cafe Connect regeneration transformed a disused bowling green into a thriving community hub and café. The project connect people promotes sustainable living while helping to reduce social isolation, and delivering new life skills.

We supported this project as it continues to upskill the community and benefit the local  environment. Regeneration of the green has brought about improved diversity, but also teaches locals about the importance of sustainable food production.

"Support from Veolia's Recycling Fund has been invaluable to help us transform a disused bowling club and green into a vibrant community hub." 

The Tradescant Road Planters project used planters made from recycled materials to tackle a fly tipping hot-spot. By filling the planters with flowers, shrubs and trees, they’ve drastically improved the appearance of the street and deterred the anti-social behaviour.

We like this project because it supports our work to eliminate fly-tipping and protect the environment. The project also preserves resources by promoting reuse to create their unique planters.

"The funding provided by Veolia means that we can buy planters and plants to change the dynamic and feel at the top end of the street. Introducing plants will highlight that it is a residential street and that people care about their area."