Recycling Fund for Communities

Do you have a project that inspires people to do the right thing with their waste?

Through our Recycling Fund for Communities, you could receive a cash boost, in kind resources or staff volunteers to help bring your idea to life.

To be eligible, your project must demonstrate a positive impact on the environment through:

  • Its use of recycled, reused or reclaimed materials
  • ​Its ability to protect and preserve resources
  • Its enhancement of local environments

Our standard pledge amount is a maximum of £1000.


Unlock additional funding through Veolia's Plastic Pledge

To help reduce plastic waste and encourage recycling within our communities, environmental projects that deliver a positive impact on plastic waste could be eligible for additional Plastic Pledge funding,  which has a maximum pledge amount of £2000. 

To be considered for the additional Plastic Pledge funding, you project must:

  • Encourage the reduction of single use plastics
  • Demonstrate the re-use of plastics before disposal
  • Raise awareness on the world's plastic situation and promote change
  • Prevent plastic from entering our waste

We want to help small projects make a big difference to their local communities. If you think your project could inspire your neighbours to increase the amount of waste they reuse and recycle, we want to receive your applications today.


If you project is raising more than Veolia's maximum pledge amount, apply via the Spacehive crowdfunding platform
If you have a small environmental project requiring less than the maximum pledge amount, you can apply via our online form