Your Waste and Recycling Service

Waste and Recycling Services are available to all households in Sheffield.

All houses in Sheffield have a blue and brown bins for recycling and a black bin for other household waste.  Click here if you live in a flat.

1. Your brown bin is for tins, cans, glass and plastic bottles

2. Your blue bin is for paper and card

3. Your black bin is for general waste


When will my bins be emptied?

Your brown bin and your blue bin will be emptied every 4 weeks.  Your black bin is emptied every 2 weeks. One of your bins is emptied each week.

Find your new collection dates here

Some things to remember

  • Your recyclable materials cannot be mixed in the same container.  Paper and card need to go in your blue bin and glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and plastic bottles need to go in your brown bin.
  • Your recycling should be placed loose inside your recycling bins.
  • We can only accept plastic bottles in your brown bin, if your bin contains other plastics it may not be emptied.  Plastic items such as tubs, pots and food trays can be taken to a Recycling Site to be recycled.
  • We can't take any side waste with your recycling, except for small amounts of neatly bundled, flattened cardboard, which should be no bigger than your blue bin.  Please present this at the same time as your blue bin.
  • Your recycling bins cannot be emptied if they are too heavy or if they are over-full and the lid isn't closed properly.
  • Please present your blue and brown bins by 7.00am on your collection day and return them to your property no later than 9.00am on the following day.
  • We can provide help with your bins if your age, or medical conditions, make it difficult for you to present them yourself.  Contact us, or click here for more information about our Assisted Collections

Top tips

  • You can apply for help if there is no one in your household able to present your bins for collection due to an age related or medical reason. Once approved, our crews will collect your waste and recycling bins from your property and then return them after emptying.
  • If you live in a large household and your bin is not big enough, you can apply for extra capacity.
  • You can put your house number on your bins so they don’t get lost after collection.
  • If you move house your bins must remain with your old property.
  • If your black bin is too big, contact us to order a free smaller replacement.  Call 0114 273 4567 or email
  • During the summer months, you may wish to bag or wrap any food waste before placing in your black bin to reduce unpleasant smells and the risk of maggots.
  • Although we only accept plastic bottles in your brown bin, you can recycle other plastic items including pots, tubs and trays at your local Recycling Site

Watch the video on the Recycling Service for Sheffield.

Most of the residents living in Sheffield have a recycling service.

We are working closely with Sheffield Housing Services to put in place a recycling option for those currently without a full service.
The Assisted Collection Service is provided for householders who are unable to take their bin to the kerbside because of disability or ill health.