Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility Videos

Now that you know the basics of what happens at our Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility, let's take a closer look at how things work.

The Materials Recovery Facility

This is where we sort and separate mixed materials collected for recycling, like paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, steel and aluminium cans. Check out what the steps in the recycling process are:

The Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility

This is where we process rubbish that is not suitable for recycling, preparing it for energy recovery.



Construction of the Southwark IWMF

How we built one of the most advanced waste management facilities in Europe.



A model of sustainability

Our innovative facility in Southwark is a model for what sustainable waste management should be. We are strong believers that nothing should be wasted, so the waste brought on site is further processed and turned into a new resource - either for recycling, or for energy recovery.


Want to know even more about the Southwark IWMF?

Check out the Southwark IWMF page for a special 'behind the scenes' video we've created with WIRED UK, as well a series of 'meet the team' clips.