Asbestos Disposal Service

Asbestos disposal service for Merseyside residents with cement bonded asbestos. 

Cement bonded asbestos products may include: corrugated and flat cement sheets typically used to construct garages, sheds, water goods, and floor tiles and linoleum.

You are not required to dispose of a shed or garage just because it contains asbestos. If you are concerned or would like to confirm if you have asbestos, please contact the local Council's Environmental Health Office.

Trade Activity: We do not accept asbestos that has been generated as part of trade activity. This includes any work carried out by a builder/roofer or general tradesperson who has removed asbestos from your residence as part of a paid job.

Landlords: If you have asbestos originating from a rental property this is not accepted, as this is classed as trade waste.

Asbestos waste is not accepted from allotments.

Appointments Only

You must contact us in advance to book a slot

Service available at each site once every 3 weeks

During peak times appointments may take up to 8 weeks


Bidston HWRC
Huyton HWRC
Southport HWRC


Main Phone Line: 0203 567 4200

Lines are open Monday to Friday: 9:00-16:30

Download Asbestos Guidance Leaflet (140.05 KB)

Preparing Asbestos for Disposal

  • Keep other people and children away.
  • Thoroughly wet the asbestos waste, you must minimise dust release. Avoid cutting or breaking the material and sheets should be wrapped whole wherever possible. Wear protective clothing if dust release is anticipated. 
  • Do not sand down, wire brush or use power tools on asbestos waste. 
  • Double wrap in 500-gauge Visqueen (a heavy duty plastic sheeting or builder’s rubble bags) and seal all edges with heavy duty tape before you deliver it to the Recycling Centre for your appointment. Asbestos in bin bags will not be accepted. 
  • Do not mix other household waste with the asbestos waste. Pack asbestos in quantities that can reasonably be lifted to shoulder height by yourself into the asbestos container. 
  • Wash well afterwards. Wash separately or discard any overalls after use. Discarded cloths, overalls, masks and gloves should be treated as asbestos waste and bagged accordingly.
  • Thoroughly clean the area where removal has taken place. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

We do not offer a collection service.

If you want someone to dismantle and remove your asbestos waste you will need to contact a private contractor and you will be charged by the contractor for this service.

We cannot recommend a contractor and would advise you to confirm with the Environment Agency that the contractor you use is licensed to remove your waste (Tel: 0370 8506 506).

If you use a contractor to remove your waste, this waste becomes trade waste and it will not be accepted at the site.