Energy in universities


Universities, Colleges, and Schools need to provide the best educational and development environment and focus their budgets on the primary role of education

Energy efficiency is a major part of environmental management within educational institutions. Annual energy costs for the FHE sector are around £400m resulting in 3.1m tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. It is possible to significantly reduce these emissions.

As an energy specialist, Veolia works with educational institutions to carefully manage energy usage to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy and maintenance costs. For universities and colleges we have 24.2MWe of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems installed which save 38,800 tonnes of CO2 per year. This supports the education facilities and housing of more than 200,000 students on over 60 campuses.

Improving energy performance

Veolia regularly carries out energy audits with our customers to identify areas for improvement in energy performance. This audit allows us to develop a plan with our customers to manage facilities, implement planned maintenance and monitor energy performance to reduce consumption.

Effective management of heating/cooling and lighting costs, which are the biggest energy costs on campuses, can quickly reduce energy consumption leading to savings that can be used to fund more expensive projects.

A comfortable learning environment

Comfortable conditions for learning allow students and staff to be more productive as well as delivering a more positive overall experience.

An effective energy management plan allows educational institutions to deliver the right environment while at the same time managing costs and meeting environmental targets. Working with an energy management specialist such as Veolia can help schools, colleges and universities to deliver the best possible learning environment, mitigate the risks involved and avoid unexpected costs.

Local presence and expertise

Our on-site teams, backed up by our energy and technical experts, provide our customers with ready access to the energy expertise required to manage any issues that may arise. Constant monitoring allows us to react quickly to changes in activity or market conditions.

24.2 MWe of CHP installed

38,000 tonnes of CO2 saved annually

Supporting 200,000 students across 60 campuses


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