hospital energy


Balancing today's needs for providing the best possible healthcare and maintaining the complex infrastructures needed to achieve the best patient outcomes is a challenge faced by every healthcare service.

A secure supply of energy is vital to every healthcare facility. The medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities need to have a guaranteed energy supply in order to deliver high quality patient care. At the same time, facilities managers in the healthcare sector need to consider patient comfort, energy consumption and compliance with demanding environmental regulations.

Delivering a secure energy supply

A secure, guaranteed supply of energy to meet the many and varied demands of a healthcare facility requires significant expertise in energy management. Through a complete review of existing energy infrastructure Veolia can put in place a specific plan to manage, maintain and upgrade energy systems.

Combined with constant monitoring either on-site or through our energy monitoring centres we keep energy equipment operating at peak efficiency and deliver the secure energy supply required.

Energy consumption management and optimisation

In the healthcare sector in the UK we have circa 65MWe of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) capacity installed across 81 sites. These supply electricity, heating and in some cases cooling to 43,500 hospital beds as well as Intensive Care Units and operating theatres. Our energy expertise delivers:

  • critical energy to 900 ICU beds helping 214 patients every day 
  • ​CO2 savings for the healthcare sector of 100,750 tonnes per year
  • savings in energy costs of typically hundreds of thousands of pounds per year for a site
  • estimated energy savings for the NHS from Veolia CHPs of £20-£30million per year

The highest possible standards

With 75 years experience in working with the healthcare sector Veolia knows that we have to meet the highest possible standards. We train all our teams to help prevent health risks, such as hospital-acquired infections, and to treat safety as our number one priority.

In addition, our commitment to standards such as ISO 9000 makes our customers compliance with regulations significantly easier.

Energy supplied to 43,000 hospital beds across 81 sites

100,750 tonnes of CO2 saved annually

Estimated savings of up to £30 million per year

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