Clinical Waste Management

clinical waste

Safe & efficient clinical waste disposal

Veolia utilises its Energy Recovery Facilities to treat both clinical and infectious waste to provide
significant cost and carbon reductions for customers


What is clinical waste?

Clinical waste is generally described as waste produced from healthcare and comparable activities that may pose a risk in the form of infection. For example, clinical waste disposal may include swabs, bandages, dressings, medicines, and other common healthcare materials.


How we can help

We can work with Trusts on a bespoke basis to audit your waste streams and find ways to improve segregation. This will help to minimise contamination and enable us to develop the most sustainable treatment routes for each waste stream. This includes diverting waste from landfill, recycling materials where possible, and only using High-Temperature Incineration when absolutely necessary. We can also work with you to create resources for educating staff and offer flexibility in terms of the containers we can provide.


Key Questions About Medical Waste Management

Once we have identified ways to make your waste management more sustainable and cost-effective, we can utilise our infrastructure of vehicles and facilities to treat your waste. Many of our facilities are permitted to take both offensive and clinical waste, meaning that you don't have to rely on third-party companies to treat your waste — you can rely on one supplier for collection, transportation and treatment. This offers the additional benefit of taking away worries about capacity: as we are not reliant on an outside company’s facilities. We offer reliability and peace of mind, as well as waste-management expertise that will save you money and help you be more sustainable.


How do we create value for you?

As the UK’s leading resource management company, we are highlighting how significant emissions reductions can be achieved by using energy recovery facilities, ERFs to dispose of more than 61,000 tonnes of orange-bagged clinical and infectious waste that arises each year. Recent successful demonstrations show that by using ERFs, this type of clinical waste can be safely and compliantly destroyed, and achieve more than a 60% reduction in carbon emissions compared to other commonly applied treatments.



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