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Our team of engineers have safely delivered a wide range of demolition projects for over 20 years, and are experts through experience.

We have developed industry best practice and understand the practical, safety and legislative challenges posed by nuclear, energy and natural resources, chemical/process, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial and public sector customers.

We understand that demolition works can need a more delicate approach, particularly when working within a live plant facility or working near sensitive receptors. Therefore, we use a range of precision demolition techniques that allow the least disturbance to the surrounding areas.

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How we can help

We offer competitive demolition services, which include strategy development, hazard characterisation, decontamination (asbestos, radiological & chemo-toxic), recycling/resale & remediation services.

Our characterisation, demolition, dismantling and disposal methodology is as per below:

  • Use mechanical means wherever possible
  • Practice manual intervention only within a safe and stable environment and keep it to a minimum
  • Use trained, experienced and security cleared staff.

Precision demolition provides the ability to work semi remotely, thus reducing risk to operatives and can offer fast and correct solutions for your demolition needs. These methods include: diamond wire sawing; remote demolition; track sawing; UHP water jet cutting.

Once demolished, we work with clients in a live site environment to maximise asset recovery to make sure our customers realise the true value of redundant equipment and thus minimise the negative Net Present Value often associated with the production facility relocation or decommissioning projects.  We generally present two options to our customers, including asset recovery for resale and deplanting for another site.

We undertake the following to ensure a successful and fully auditable recovery and reuse process:

  • Initial on site asset evaluation and budgeting exercises
  • Production of project-specific sales and/or deplanting strategies
  • (Only applicable to resale) Development of appropriate financial mechanisms to recover maximum value
  • Plant survey, initial cleaning and removal under controlled conditions and safe systems of work
  • Complete inspection, final cleaning, and preparation for relocation and/or resale
  • Transportation and/or resale operations.

How do we create value for you?

Our demolition works are always scoped out in detail and maintain high safety standards.  Our methodologies and our ability to recover/recycle over 98% of materials as well as resell and deplant assets can increase financial return for industrial customers, bringing significant value.