Food and Beverage

food and beverage


In today's fiercely competitive food and drink industries, success is determined by remaining one step ahead of your rivals

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important part of maintaining competitiveness for the food and drink industry. Rising fuel costs and more awareness of environmental factors, such as minimising carbon footprint, are driving an increasing focus on energy consumption.

Veolia understands the unique challenges food and drink manufacturers face today. Our industry experience gives us an understanding of your production process and supply chain as well as broader environmental regulations.

Designing, building and operating energy facilities

Having the energy facilities that are most appropriate to on-site activity is a key aspect of effective energy management. Veolia’s energy experts use their experience of working with a wide variety of food and drink manufacturers to accurately assess energy needs and prepare the best possible plan. This includes:

  • maintaining the quality and production output, and lowering the carbon footprint for processing, cooking and sterilisation of 1.44 billion cans of soup/ baked beans per year
  • supplying renewable heat to manufacture 55,000 tonnes of cheese and tens of thousands of tonnes of oven chips, roast potatoes and fries
  • maintaining the quality and production output, and lowering the carbon footprint, for the production of 480 million litres of spirits
  • providing the utilities that condition, pasteurise and pressurise the canning and bottling of 240 million litres of beer and lager


Improving energy performance

Veolia carries out an energy audit to identify areas for improvement. This audit allows us to develop a plan with our customers to upgrade facilities, implement planned maintenance and monitor energy performance to reduce consumption.

Our energy monitoring centres allow us to prepare regular reports highlighting opportunities to save energy and reduce energy costs.

The fast paced development of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require an adaptive and flexible utility supply to maintain product quality
For the automotive industry we supply the vital utilities that ensure product quality and output is mainatained on a 24/7 basis
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