WEEE compliance

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment legislation affects every industry and businesses of all sizes.

If you import, rebrand or manufacture new electrical or electronic equipment, then you need to register with a producer compliance scheme.  You may also have obligations under the WEEE Regulations if you sell or need to dispose of electrical or electronic equipment.

Whether you market to consumers, businesses or both, our WEEE compliance scheme can take on your responsibilities, offering good value, great service and complete peace of mind.
​WEEE collection

Our WEEE collection service is a simple, effective and proven way to achieve high recycling rates for your old IT equipment.

You can call us now on 08707 309 915 to order specially designed container units for your used fluorescent tubes, computer monitors and base units.

'Box and Go'

We can arrange for the delivery of transit boxes designed to hold up to 14 monitors or 20 base units each. For larger items or complete loads, we can offer a bespoke quotation to maximise recycling and deliver the most cost effective solution.

We can also provide suitable containers for storage and transport of fluorescent tubes.  Other containers are available on request e.g. mercury lamps, compact fluorescents, sodium lamps etc.

Call the number marked clearly on the outside of the container and we will arrange prompt collection, recovery and recycling.
  • Efficient, no-nonsense collection service
  • Full documentation provided at collection point
  • Reliable high level security during the transfer and recovery processes
  • 90% recycling and recovery levels.
IT equipment
We have established markets for refurbished IT equipment – but first we need to make it safe.  If your equipment is working, we use Ministry of Defence approved data eradication software to wipe your information from the hard drive. 

If your equipment can’t be refurbished, we dismantle it manually, keeping spare parts for future use. Sub-assemblies and materials such as aluminium, copper, circuit boards and cabling are used in place of raw materials in industrial processes. Anything left over is sent for safe disposal.

WEEE Terms & Conditions and Application Form
PDF - 258.03 KB
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
PDF - 478.39 KB

Membership scheme

Our membership scheme offers cost effective, efficient compliance with WEEE legislation.

How we can help

Business to Consumer
We guarantee to match your B2C commitments. Our UK network already processes sufficient WEEE to fulfil all our members' legal obligations regardless of size.

Business to Business
Our WEEE Producer Compliance scheme is a common sense choice. We currently provide expert commercial waste services to UK businesses and have the expertise and experience to help you comply with waste legislation.

Dedicated compliance team
We provide personal attention and assistance throughout your membership. You can also access free, direct consultancy by telephone, with no frustrating call centres to delay you. We assist in all aspects of compliance, including working with you on issues of scope to ensure that you are fully, but not over compliant.  

The environment is our business
Our business ethos is built on recycling and recovery and our reputation rests on ‘environmental best practice’. You can rely on our WEEE Compliance scheme to provide a sustainable and cost efficient service and handle your WEEE responsibly.

Simple, transparent pricing
Our simple, transparent charging structure guarantees competitive rates for organisations of all sizes.

Treatment costs
Our bulk purchasing capacity keeps WEEE treatment rates low. Members pay a one off annual fee and treatment is billed at cost, plus a transparent administration fee.

Streamlined service
Our flexible on-line system is designed to remove much of the complex administrative burden placed upon UK WEEE producers, helping to minimise your time commitment.

WEEE Terms & Conditions and Application Form
PDF - 258.03 KB
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
PDF - 478.39 KB

Compliance details form

If you think your company will be affected by the WEEE Regulations, please call us on 0203 567 3115 or email us weee@veolia.co.uk